Founded in 2020, Modrinth was created to provide modders with an open and intuitive platform to publish their projects on.

Our primary goal is to be as open as possible, with all our code being open source, while giving back to the modding community as much as possible.

While we still are in beta, we hope we can be a major modding platform for all modders.

How does Modrinth work?

Modrinth is not just a website: it is made of several different components that all come together to make a fast and flexible modding platform.

On the technical level, Modrinth is made up of two main components: the Rust-based backend named Labrinth, and the Vue-based frontend named Knossos.

Additionally, some other custom-created resources exist, including but not limited to: Minotaur, a Gradle plugin for easily publishing mods to Modrinth, and Minos, an authentication provider. All of Modrinth's code can be found on our GitHub page.

Backend Documentation

Documentation for the Modrinth API (Labrinth) can be found on the GitHub repository's wiki here.