Update 2.14.0 | The Accessibility Update


This update aims to improve the available in-game information, and improve the user experience, for what has become a very large content-heavy pack, which can be daunting to new players. Although it does include some quality of life features and changes, it primarily aims to provide more and better information in-game, particularly towards the start, as we prepare for an influx of new settlers. I expect this update to have several minor version updates as I gather feedback on current or missing tips, and because Minecraft 1.19.4 offers new features to further improve this major version's goal of accessibility.

As always, it is recommended you make a backup of your world of updating from a previous New in Town version.


  • Added custom Wagon Colors for new Patron supporter TposePolarBear! If you want a custom Wagon color, consider supporting me on Patreon!
  • Significant code optimizations, some of the biggest I've done in a while.
  • All Contract Books now project an outline of particles to indicate the area they will fill/replace. It isn't 100% accurate in order to optimize for helpful visuals, but should help prepare new settlers for the positioning of their Wagon, and beyond.
  • All recipes that used Buckets of either Water or Lava now return empty buckets.
  • All Site Planners will now replace themselves if broken, such as by Creepers, Ghasts, or player actions. If you do want to permanently remove a Site Planner, you can light a fire on top of it.
  • Added the Tutorial Mode system, an advancement-driven system that provides helpful, introductory information to the player when it becomes relevant.
    • Tutorial Mode can be initiated by talking to the Town Planner for the first time. It can be enabled or disabled on a player-by-player basis, and toggled later with /trigger nitTutorial
    • Once the player obtains a recipe book, the Town Planner will cycle through several pieces of information that didn't fit elsewhere, such as what to do if you can't see recipes.
    • With Tutorial Mode enabled, the player will be given tips when interacting with or unlocking new featrures, such as info regarding Site Planners, or how structures like the Observatory work.
  • The sendCommandFeedback gamerule is no longer re-enabled after a Town, Fortress, or End City is started. You can still re-enable it manually if you need it, and it will still only be disabled when a player holds a Contract Book.
  • Updated the Command Block Warning system to be global rather than individual, eliminating the possibility of false-positives.


  • The Town Charter now issues a brief warning when first used, letting the player know to ensure their Render Distance is 12 or more, and to beware settling in an ocean. Using the Town Charter again spawns the town regardless of if the player followed this advice.
  • The Settlement Site Recipe Book has been re-ordered. Indices are now broken up into groups based on the complexity of the structures' purpose, ranging from Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Plain, and Special. This should make it easier to find structures you're interested in based on utility and resource value. Additionally, the Basic category is in essentially a "recommended order," that reasonably prepares the player for when the Tyrant arrives if followed to the letter.
  • Tyrant Attacks now try to move if they would spawn too close to a town site. If there isn't enough land nearby, or it has trouble finding any space that's undeveloped by town sites, they can still fail to move and damage part of your town.
  • Meteors spawned by the Observatory will now also try to avoid town sites, but can still fail if there isn't enough land or undeveloped space.
  • Changed descriptions for all Ramps and Stairs to specify how many blocks up or down they go.
  • Fixed Tap Mines and Sawmills not upgrading centered on their respective sites.
  • Fixed the description for the Guard Tower. It no longer incorrectly states that it doesn't work on Nether mobs.
  • Slightly improved the Meteor smoke signal visibility.
  • Adjusted the nitContract values to restrict accidental or harmful use of the trigger outside of the Contract Books.
  • Fixed Harold's Cage and the Sandstone Sundial sometimes generating in trees. This was due to a missed line when optimizing some code/changing the Crucible's spawning in the last update.
  • Added a new trade to the Miner, exchanging Tuff for Cobblestone.


  • Prevented the Bridge structure from mistakenly advancing the Nether Attacks, desynching from the advancements.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Bridges built facing south to not be offset correctly.
  • Adjusted the offset of the Nether Keep.
  • Fixed the Withermaw getting stuck in a loop of starting and resetting if the arena, and the Soul Fire there, gets flooded with Lava.
  • Updated story advancement names, mostly for cleaner backend purposes


  • Updated story advancement names, mostly for cleaner backend purposes


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