Isometric Renders

Isometric Renders

Creates high-resolution isometric screenshots of game objects

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Created2 years ago
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[1.19] Isometric Renders - 0.3.0



The mod has been largely rewritten, basically nothing remained untouched. Most, if not all, major issues and shortcomings of older versions have been fixed and improved - from UI being unclear over Area Renders being janky to the inability to export motion pictures. A small overview of the major changes is as follows

  • Area Renders now include entities, block entities and particles. This means blocks like chests now render without needing additional mods like EBE. They also support Fabric Rendering API models when running with Indigo - Indium is currently not supported
  • The ability to take snapshots of the viewport has been removed - everything is now rendered through the dedicated pipeline
  • The contents of the viewport can now be moved and manipulated with your mouse - try dragging with your different mouse buttons
  • Tags can now be exported as batches or atlases
  • The Shift+F12, Ctrl+F12 and Alt+F12 shortcuts have all been merged into Ctrl+F12 which now opens a dedicated screen that lets you choose how the render the items of the inventory you're in
  • The tooltips of items can now be rendered individually, they are exported with their transparency preserved
  • You can now export the render to your clipboard instead of a file, useful for pasting into an image editor for example


  • Images exported with the dedicated pipeline now always match up perfectly with what the viewport shows
  • Item Atlases now render reliably and correctly aligned in all sitations
  • Lighting now more closely matches the standard vanilla settings, and the angle can be adjusted for each render individually


isometric-renders-0.3.0+1.19.jar(172.04 KiB) Primary Download