More Stats

More Stats

Track more stats in your Minecraft worlds.

Client and server Utility

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Roundaround's More Stats Mod

Track more stats in your Minecraft worlds. Can be viewed on the same screen as the built-in metrics on the Statistics screen. Required on both the client and server for multiplayer.

Included tracked metrics

  • Damage dealt to each entity   (shown in Entities tab)
  • Damage taken from each entity   (shown in Entities tab)
  • Totems popped by each entity   (shown in Entities tab)
  • Hours Played   (same as Time with World Open, but in number of hours)
  • Elytra Crunches   (number of times you've taken collision damage while flying)
  • Shreikers Triggered
  • Wardens Summoned
  • Totems Popped
  • Totems Popped from Elytra Crunches
  • Totems Popped from Ender Pearls
  • Totems Popped from Falling
  • Totems Popped from Drowning
  • Totems Popped from Starving
  • Totems Popped from Fire
  • Totems Popped from Freezing   (from powdered snow)
  • Close Calls   (got down to 2 or fewer hearts and lived)
  • Close Close Calls   (got down to half a heart and lived)
  • Time with Beacon Effects
  • Time Spent on Fire
  • Time Spent Drowning
  • Time Spent Hungry
  • Time Spent Paused
  • Time Spent in Powdered Snow
  • Damage from Fire
  • Damage from Falling
  • Damage from Crunches
  • Damage from Drowning
  • Damage from Starving
  • Damage from Freezing   (from powdered snow)
  • Damage from Ender Pearls
  • Distance by Ender Pearls
  • Levels by Anvil   (number of levels spent at an anvil)
  • Levels by Enchanting   (number of levels spent at an enchanting table)
  • Anvils Broken
  • Items Renamed   (number of items renamed on an anvil)
  • Durability Mended   (amount of item durability restored with the Mending enchantment)
  • Camera Changes   (times camera perspective was changed)
  • Teleports by Nether Portal
  • Teleports by End Portal
  • Teleports by End Gateway   (those portals that take you to the End's outer islands)