A forge modpack for the MassiveCraft roleplay server, filled with essentials like the server's resource packs and performance enhancers.

What's changed?

The MassiveCraft Roleplay Pack strikes a balance between increasing client-side performance and giving you pretty things to look at. It also includes community favorites like MorePlayerModels and Chat Heads. You can expect a performance boost from leaf culling, improved chunk handling, and more provided by the performance mods in this pack.

Our resource packs allow you to see props and cosmetics created by members of our community and commissioned from talented artists within and outside of our community too!


MorePlayerModels is a mod created by Noppes. You can find information about his projects on his website (be sure to check out our feature on the MPM Servers page).

Our sysadmin and resident coder CS_Birb helps maintain the MorePlayerModels mod, and the plugin used on servers that provides features like /sit, /lay, and more. You can find out more on our GitLab.

MassiveCraft Resource Packs

The MassiveCraft resource packs are created and maintained by our team. Licensing information and accreditation for textures contributed by team members can be found in the README files in each pack.

Keep up to date with our resource packs by visiting our resource pack page. If you ever forget this mod pack is here you can click the link on the pack page and end up right back here!

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