Meridian Performance Plus

Meridian Performance Plus


A performance first Fabric modpack based around Sodium with carefully curated quality of life enhancements and visual improvements.

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A client-side Fabric modpack designed to compliment the Meridian Realms server network, although can be used by anyone on any server or single-player. This pack focuses on performance first and quality of life improvements and modernizations second.


Sodium is the base of this pack, providing rendering performance second to none. This paired with More Culling, Starlight, FerriteCore, and DashLoader takes it that much further.

Quality of Life and Modernizations

Many quality of life improvements are included. Zoom, controller support, better footstep sounds, extended tooltips, a cleaner F3 menu, borderless window mode, and better debug info to name the most notable.

Enhanced Visuals

Shaders are supported via Iris and provide exceptional performance as well. Complementary Shaders are included by default. Thank you to EminGTR for allowing modpack authors to share this fantastic shader pack. Other features have been added, such as falling leaves, better grass, and connected textures.

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