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This pack is based off of the analog horror series Needlemouse, it changes some blocks and some textures to fit the horror theme like lava into blood. This pack requires EMF or Optifine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It used to make the zombie villagers look corrupted but that caused some problems with fresh animations so I changed it, rather, it'll be a modified version of the zombie villager .jem from Fresh Animations, theres also a addon for skeletons I recently made this mod compatible with eating animations and mutant creatures. Plz don't put this in a modpack. THIS RESOURCE PACK IS INCOPATIBLE WITH ENHANCED BLOCK ENTITIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello! SCPfan173 here! I forgot to say this earlier, but over time, I've grown a hate for this pack since it drifted to far away from the source material and now is a lazy resource pack with little to no effort put into it, and I've also set myself a personal goal to recreate an old mod made by a jerk who hates wolves in the form of a modpack, which is why I've released a resource pack called Wolvens built in texture tweaker as thats the built in resource pack for Wolven aka Better than Wolves 2 (Wolven sounds better) - SCPfan173 3/29/24

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