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by TabbyGarf on Sep 17, 2023

Added some wool textures:

  • black_wool
  • pink_wool
  • magenta_wool
  • cyan_wool
  • red_wool
  • light_gray_wool

Sandstone overhaul.

  • moved raw_gold_block textures to raw_copper_block.
  • added raw_gold_block textures.
  • added raw_iron_block texture.


by TabbyGarf on Jun 8, 2023

[​Tweak] Texture Changes

  • "Empty Textures"
  • For feet, legs, torso, head, offhand and each tool
  • Netherite Upgrade thingy-Tools, all materials.
  • Clock and Compasses
  • Crafting Table
  • Potion: Brighter Liquid, All Potion Types textured
  • Armor: Iron, Chainmail and Leather (White Chainmail) [​Tweak] GUI Changes
  • Recipe Book GUI [​Addition] Mob Changes
  • Iron Golem retexture [​Addition] Audio Changes
  • Textures: Jukebox, Discs and Disc Fragment
  • Changed localized text to reflect new music
  • Menu Music Changes: (Orb of Dreamers, My Advice, Pod Musics, Gardens Intr.) [​Feature] Custom Music Discs
  • Relic (Kinky - Inmovil (LBP Karting)
  • Chirp (Orb of Dreamers)
  • Ward (The Gardens (Tokyo Machine))
  • Pigstep (Get It Together)
  • Wait (Left Bank Two)
  • Mellohi (My Patch)
  • Far (The Canyons (Intr))
  • 11 (Cornman)
  • Blocks (The Savannah (Intr))
  • Cat (Wedding)
  • Otherside (The Islands (Intr))
  • Mall (Girly Goodie Two Shoes)
  • 5 (Tapha Niang)
  • Stal (Dancing Drums)
  • 13 (Atlas)
  • Strad (Battle on the Ice)

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