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Ebin Resurrected is a vibrant and performant Minecraft shaderpack.

Ebin began with the goal of being fast, beautiful, configurable, feature-rich, and having a base of well-written code. It was developed by BruceKnowsHow from 2016-2020. jbritain resumed development of the shader in 2024 under the name 'Ebin Resurrected'. This is a fork of Ebin which brings compatibility with modern versions of Minecraft, and also improves upon some aspects of the shader, using more modern features and standards.


If you would like to discuss Ebin Resurrected, or other Minecraft shaderpacks, join the Shaderlabs Discord server.


  • Screen Space Multicoloured Blocklight
  • Sunlight Shadows / Shading
  • PCSS 'Variable Penumbra' Shadows with transparency.
  • Bloom / Glow
  • Procedural 2D/3D Clouds
  • Procedural Water Waves
  • Deferred Shading Pipeline - Everything is correctly shaded, even behind semi-transparent blocks
  • Terrain Deformation - "Animal Crossing" and "Acid" deformations
  • Auto generated emission - even without a resource pack, light sources will glow on only the right pixels!
  • LabPBR Compliant
    • Rough Screen Space Reflections - accurate specular reflections on all blocks.
    • Normal Mapped Lighting.
    • Terrain Parallax (POM).
    • Material Ambient Occlusion.
    • Hardcoded Metal Support.
    • Porosity - materials look 'wet' in the rain.
    • Emission - some pixels glow in the dark

Planned Features

  • Distant Horizons support
  • End skybox



  • Nvidia GeForce 400, AMD Radeon HD 5000, Intel HD 3rd gen or later. Any modern device should work fine.
  • Intel GPUs are untested and you may encounter issues.

Operating System



  • Ebin Resurrected has been tested on Optifine and Iris and is known to work on versions as far back as 1.17. Older versions are unsupported, however as Legacy Ebin was still in development during this time, it should work for versions as far back as 1.7.

If you run into problems

If you are experiencing a problem with Ebin you consider to be a bug, create a new issue. Please read the issue guidelines before creating one and make sure somebody else hasn't raised the same issue already.




  • The shaderLABS Discord members, for answering the many questions I've had in my time developing shaders, some of which were even constructive. Particularly:
    • Balint
    • Jessie
    • Null
    • TimeTravelBeard
    • Quadro
    • BuilderB0y
    • NinjaMike
  • Capt Tatsu, whose shader, BSL I ported the multicoloured blocklight code from.
  • Sonic Ether, creator of SEUS and inspiration for Ebin
  • daxnitro, original creator of the Shaders Mod
  • karyonix, longtime maintainer of the Shaders Mod
  • sp614x, Ebin would not be possible without #include.
  • IMS, for maintaining Iris and Sodium, which are really cool mods.
  • chocapic13 & Sildur, various code references and help over the years

Evidence of written proof from BruceKnowsHow to distribute this shaderpack


Project members



Technical information

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