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This project is NOT actually a datapack. Please read the description so you know what it is!

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API Addon

The API Addon can only be purchased on BuiltByBit. The Cosmo resource page on BuiltByBit can be found here.


Support is given for Cosmo related issues only. For help regarding making cosmetics, you should ask on the BlockBench Discord Server. We can point you in the right direction, but we will not provide help with designing cosmetics.

Installer Creator

The Cosmo Installer is a tool that comes with Cosmo. The tool allows you to easily make custom installer programs for your users, removing the hassle from your setup. You can find a preview of this below:

Discord Bot

Users use the Cosmo Discord bot to manage, buy and equip their cosmetics. Admins can also use it to import new cosmetics into the bot. You can find previews further down the page below.

Default Configuration

You can have a peek at how much is customizable with Cosmo by taking a look at the default configuration files on the docs.

Terms of Service

By using Cosmo, you are deemed to have given your automatic agreement to the associated terms and conditions, regardless of whether or not you have read them. These terms are subject to change without notice, and you are responsible for keeping updated with any changes. Breaking these Terms will result in your Cosmo instance being blacklisted.

  • Redistribution of Cosmo as your own is strictly prohibited.
  • Modifying the Cosmo source code is not allowed and will trigger the tamper system. You are only permitted to edit the settings.yml and command.yml files. We have included as much customization as possible in the settings, so you shouldn't need to edit the source code.
  • You should not edit user or cosmetic data through files as it may be replicated in other places; when using the Discord Bot or API, it ensures all items are replaced.
  • By purchasing Cosmo, you acquire a copy of the resource; modifying or adding additional content does not make you the owner.
  • Using Cosmo to create a new product to resell is not allowed.

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