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Packages Opinionated item storage. Sucessor to Worse Barrels.
Craftable Command Block
Craftable Command Block This mod adds a few new items, advancements and, of course, a way to create, place and mine the Command Block in survival mode.
i am speed
i am speed I constantly suffer from high speed
Golems Galore
Golems Galore Creative and inventive golems that will bring new RPG to your world!
Nature's Minerals
Nature's Minerals Adds 4 new resource metals, a new alloy, and more!
RFTools Control
RFTools Control Automation and logic computer addon for the RFTools mods
Experience Remover
Experience Remover This mod removes experience and makes enchantment tables and anvils purely cosmetic. The mod can be enabled and disabled in the config.
Forgotten Graves
Forgotten Graves Minecraft (Fabric) mod that stores items and XP in a decaying grave upon death
Arcpocalypse Let the chaos god spring anew
Allay in a Bottle
Allay in a Bottle Put an allay in a bottle
LittlePictureFrames Display all kinds of pictures and videos from the internet ingame.
ICBM (ICBM) Intercontinental ballistic missile - Missiles, explosives, and all the fun that goes with it. ICBM is a highly PVP focused mod themed around modern era combat.
Redstone Multimeter Fabric
Redstone Multimeter Fabric A Fabric port of NarcolepticFrog's Redstone Multimeter mod
Distorted Discs
Distorted Discs Adds 40+ new records that can be found throughout your world. Vanilla Style. Music by BBoldt.
Easy Shulker Boxes
Easy Shulker Boxes Manage shulker boxes directly from your inventory. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Lever & Button Lights
Lever & Button Lights buttons that act like levers and levers that act like buttons
Advanced Reborn
Advanced Reborn Tech Reborn's addon
Phantoms See Phantoms [Origins Addon]
Phantoms See Phantoms [Origins Addon] Makes the origin "Phantom" be able to see other phantoms while in the phasing state
EnderCore This library is used by EnderIO, EnderZoo, and many others.
ExNihilo: Automation Unstable
ExNihilo: Automation Unstable allowing the use of later forge and later ExNihilo: Sequentia at the expense of instability.
Chromatic Arsenal
Chromatic Arsenal A Curios addon which adds new equipable curios.
Planetoid Generate worlds made of planetoids!
Passable Foliage 🌳
Passable Foliage 🌳 Remove collision from leaves
Boat Step Up
Boat Step Up Makes boats step up blocks and water.
Big Sip
Big Sip addon for the create mod introducing various drinks and other content surrounding them
Tool's Complement
Tool's Complement Adds sets of armor and tools based on modded metals.
Miner's Minerals
Miner's Minerals Adds 50+ Metals and Gems and much more
Block Detective
Block Detective This mod shows you the properties of all blocks!
Get Current Song
Get Current Song Simple Minecraft mod to allow you to view the currently playing song
Prevent Crappy Launcher
Prevent Crappy Launcher A LaunchWrapper/ModLauncher CoreMod to prevent players from launching the game via a crappy launcher.
Skyblock Mod (Fabric)
Skyblock Mod (Fabric) Helpful Features for Hypixel Skyblock for Fabric 1.17+
Enchantment Level Language Patch
Enchantment Level Language Patch Sharpness enchantment.level.20 => Sharpness 20/XX
quickreplant Quickly replant crops by clicking them with seeds!
Mod-erate Loading Screen
Mod-erate Loading Screen An "alternative" to Mod Menu that's a lot less usable.
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves Adds a neat little particle effect to leaf blocks
Music Player
Music Player Plays the Minecraft music disks
PopEnchantTagsResuscitated Shows the enchants of a selected item above its name
Charmonium Ambient sounds and music in keeping with vanilla Minecraft
winver.jar Display the version of Minecraft on the top-left hand corner of the screen!
Idk This is `Idk` a mod that brings some changes to `CreativeInventoryScreen`
Keybind Fix
Keybind Fix Allows multiple functions to be mapped to the same keybind without (as much) conflict
Server Hats
Server Hats Server-side Fabric mod that allows players equip items as hats
Entity Information
Entity Information ℹ️ Displays entity information on hit with the Information Stick. Useful for debugging and developing.
SimplEnergy SimplEnergy is a simple Technology data pack created to add simple energy mechanics in your survival world. Also, it has been made to help the development of energy data packs by using an energy library as simple as possible.
Grindstone Is Made Of Stone
Grindstone Is Made Of Stone Doesn't that make sense?
FabricTPA A server-side Fabric mod that adds /tpa command-set
Text Builders
Text Builders Text builders are files in data packs that can build strings for use in text components.
Music Electronic
Music Electronic This mod adds NCS music to Minecraft!
SkeletonHorseBreeding Breed Skeleton Horses with bone meal!
LanDiscovery Broadcast a dedicated server's presence to LAN clients
CleanStaffChat Clean StaffChat is a basic StaffChat plugin, compatible with BungeeCord, Spigot and Velocity (RedisBungee is supported).
Simple Discord Link
Simple Discord Link A simple Minecraft -> Discord Chat Link bot with Whitelisting
Some of Quilt Casual
Some of Quilt Casual The huge kitchen sink pack for people who want to enjoy a casual playthrough with many choices
Wind In The Bells
Wind In The Bells O Modpack oficial do Wind In The Bells
-Slightly- boosted Performance
-Slightly- boosted Performance It "slightly" boosts the Minecraft game performance.
Optimise+ A Modpack designed to get the most juice out of your pc with the addition of not too many mods like other FPS modpacks out there
Clovercraft Ultimate
Clovercraft Ultimate A full suite of tools for use on the Clovercraft SMP
BetterVanillaBuilding Overlays
BetterVanillaBuilding Overlays Addon pack for BetterVanillaBuilding that adds back overlays for grass/dirt/sand etc.
Emissive Ores
Emissive Ores A resource pack that makes ores emissive.
HORYO A Vanilla-like pack using a simplistic style.
Campfires+ campfires but better

From magical biomes to cursed dungeons, you can be sure to find content to bring your gameplay to the next level.

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Version 1.1.2 has been released for Fabric 1.19.2

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SuperFancyClouds: Refabricated
SuperFancyClouds: Refabricated has been updated!

Version 15.1 has been released for Fabric 1.19.3

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