Content Rules

In order to facilitate Modrinth's Terms and Conditions , all Content must obey the following Rules. For more information on what exactly Content is, please refer to the Content section of the Terms.

Please note that these are general rules and will not be enforced "to the letter". We reserve the right to modify and/or remove any file, project, or other Content uploaded to our platform for any reason. We reserve the right to introduce new rules at any time, which may or may not retroactively apply to already uploaded Content at the discretion of our moderators.

If you find any violations of these Rules on our website, it is your responsibility to report it. You may use the Report button on any project, version, or user page, or you may email us at

1. Malicious Content

Content cannot contain or download malware, which we define as anything that is designed:

  • to upload any data to a remote server (i.e. one that the user does not directly choose to connect to in-game) without clear disclosure
  • to disrupt, damage, or otherwise cause harm or damage to an individual, computer, or network

2. Clear and honest function

Content, especially projects, must make a clear and honest attempt to describe their purpose on the page(s) where it may be found.

Content must not make or share intentionally wrong or misleading claims. This includes but is not limited to claims regarding the Content itself, claims regarding other Content, and claims not relating to Content on Modrinth.

2.1. General expectations

Projects in particular must attempt to describe the following three things within their description:

  • what a project specifically does or adds
  • why someone should want to download the project
  • any other critical information the user must know before downloading

Project descriptions must also be accessible. For the most part, this means that descriptions cannot mostly consist of text within images, and necessary information cannot be obscured.

Projects which don't meet of these expectations may be removed from search rather than removed from the platform altogether, at the moderators' discretion.

3. Cheats and Hacks

Projects cannot contain or download "cheats", which we define as a client-side modification that:

  • is advertised as a "cheat", "hack", or "hacked client"
  • gives an unfair advantage in a multiplayer setting over other players that do not have a comparable modification and does not provide a server-side opt-out
  • contains any of the following functions without requiring a server-side opt-in:
    • X-ray or the ability to see through opaque blocks
    • aim bot or aim assist
    • flight, speed, or other movement modifications
    • automatic PvP
    • active client-side hiding of third party modifications that have server-side opt-outs
    • item duplication

You must own or have the necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to store, share, or distribute the Content that is uploaded under your Modrinth account.

Content may not be directly "reuploaded" from another platform without the permission of the author or copyright holder, even with the appropriate licensing or other rights. This restriction does not apply to content within modpacks or to so called "forks" - that is, modified copies of a project which have diverged substantially enough from the original project, at the discretion of Modrinth's moderators.

Content must not infringe upon anyone's rights or intellectual property.

Content must abide by the laws which govern Rinth, Inc., i.e. those of the United States and of the State of Delaware.

5. Prohibited Content

Content on Modrinth is meant to be appropriate for audiences 13 years of age and above.

This means that the following Content is not allowed:

  • Content containing sexual or explicit material
  • Content promoting or sharing harmful or hateful behavior
  • Content themed around or containing real-life drugs or illicit substances
  • Content with an excessive amount of profane language