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Moxlib v0.4.0


[0.4.0] - 2023-01-10

This update was our largest yet! Many useful new functions added, as detailed below.


Data Module

  • Collect function, to retrieve all data matching the key.
  • Paginate function, to paginate an array of data.

Helpers Module

  • Data / Calculate Pages, to calculate the amount of pages that would be paginated.
  • Inventory / Compact, to compact and "sort" Inventory data.
  • Inventory / Stack Max, to calculate the maximum stack size of a given item.
  • Inventory / Strip Slots, to strip Slot numbers from given Inventory data.
  • Player / Head, to retrieve the head of the executing player.

Math Module

  • Array to Integer, turns an array of digits into an integer.
  • Power, calculates the target to the given power.

Player Module

  • Adds a unique id for each player, in objective


  • Added -1 to Math / Constants

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