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Client and server AdventureWorld Generation

Created3 years ago
Updated3 months ago

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  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19.4
  • Updated french translations, many thanks to Arona74 for their contribution!
  • Updated chinese translations, many thanks to GodGun968 for their contribution!


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19.3


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19.2


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19.1


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.19


  • Added the possibility to specify an exp reward for the player
  • Now the rewarded player exp and profession exp are shown on the quest tooltip
  • Added an exp reward to all current existing quests
  • Player exp, as with all other values, can be configured with datapacks
  • Updated to Minecraft 1.18.2


  • Added support to the OctoEconomyAPI thanks to ExcessiveAmountsOfZombies (aka TheThonk)!
  • Added example datapack for a drag-and-drop integration with EightsEconomy (OctoEconomyAPI's implementation)
  • Improved handling of reward pools without the "max" value in the "number" property (although specifying it is always recommended)
  • Accepted professions of removed datapacks will be now discarded, avoiding them to clutter the profession cap.
  • Slightly adjusted the positioning of the Quests Screen's elements


  • Added new configurable values maxProfessions and maxQuestsPerProfession that limit the max acceptable Professions and the max available quest for said Professions. Both of these values are capped at 7.
  • Updated russian translations thanks to Shelbikk #12!
  • Updated the textures for the Guild Master and the Guild Master Table thanks to Alexander210806!


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.18.1
  • Update the textures of the Guild Master and the Guild Master's Table thanks to Alexander210806!


  • Updated to Minecraft 1.18


  • Updated Chinese translations thanks to 103sakamoto!


  • Added missing title to The Guild's configuration screen


  • Added configuration for the following values: "Available quests expiration ticks", "Quest generation ticks", "Max quests per generation" and "Display unlocked tasks and rewards"
  • Added ModMenu integration


  • Changed Beekeeper Guild Master's trade level from 2 to 3
  • Added workaround for mods that call readCustomDataFromNbt on ServerPlayerEntity multiple times


  • Added Beekeeper profession
  • Added nbt support for entities, useful to specify a subset of entities or even players
  • Added support for nbt tags for icons with the property "icon_tag"
  • Reworked the Quests Screen to greatly improve performance and to better handle stack's custom names


  • Changed "entity" task type to "slay".
  • Cleaned up accesswideners
  • Added new "nbt" property to Quest Professions useful to request (or reward) items with custom nbt
  • Updated Russian translations (thanks to M1XB0X)
  • Added new quests to the Guard Profession involving illagers
  • Added new rewards exclusive to the Guard Profession: Steak starting at lvl 5 and Regeneration Potion starting at lvl 10


  • Added new Profession, the Chef
  • Added cooked variants of foods to their respective professions (meat for hunters, fishes and kelp for fisherman)
  • Improved translation system for Professions
  • Buffed exps and rewards for most Professions
  • Revisited the level distribution of tasks for all the Professions
  • Now Professions with the same Identifier placed in different namespaces will be merged instead of overridden


  • Changed the commands introduced in 0.1.0 to be available only to operators and above
  • Added example datapack
  • Added back "label" property to Professions as now it works properly on servers


  • Removed "label" property from Professions as it doesn't work properly in multiplayer
  • Updated to Fabric API 0.40.1+1.17
  • Added over-complicated Profession Requirements system, useful to limit early access to professions
  • Added /guild licence <profession> command to generate profession licences
  • Added /guild exp <profession> <exp> command to change the player's profession exp
  • Added /guild quest <profession> command to generate a new quest for the specified profession
  • Centered the level text on Quests Screen


  • Removed "quest" command
  • Added "guild reset" command, that removes all professions and all accepted and available quests
  • Added "guild clear" command, that removes all accepted and available quests


  • Added Russian translations, many thanks to RiverCat!
  • Refactored the code that handles the buttons in the Quest Screen.


  • Rewards get now dropped on the ground when the inventory is full
  • Fixed completing quests for resigned professions
  • Added extra checks to prevent crashes for missing or invalid professions


  • Added Chinese translations, many thanks to Peakstep233!


  • Removed Lumberjack tasks from Gatherer
  • Fixed bug with double clicking to complete a quest
  • Added Profession Resignment to abandon a specific profession
  • Integrated the Profession Resignment with the Profession Licence
  • Added optional "label" property to Professions, use it to give the Profession a localized name without adding a lang file


  • Fixed the Guild Master table being undroppable
  • Fixed Quest Screen not working in multiplayer
  • Fixed "Deliver Kelp" task and added "Deliver Sea Pickle" to fisherman
  • Updated correctly the Profession's Exp when completing a quest
  • Added lumberjack profession
  • Improved the item completition count
  • Added information on which new tasks and rewards get unlocked at level up


  • Pets' kills now count towards accepted quests, this applies only to Tameables and not to Golems
  • Added quests for curing zombie villagers and spawning golems
  • Added the possibility to use custom icons for tasks and rewards
  • Added more visible errors for the end user to troubleshoot faulty datapacks
  • Added extra validators for task pools


  • First alpha release


guild-fabric-0.4.5.jar(1.26 MiB) Primary Download

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