Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

Created2 years ago
Updated7 months ago

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.16.5 - 0.9.1




  • Darkness and Suna's Sand blocks will now do more indepth checks if the player can stand on them or not


  • New "Force Selection" option
    • Opens the race, faction, fighting style menu upon joining the world if they're not already selected (false by default)


  • Players will respawn at max health after death now
  • Made COMBINED the new default for Haoshoku Haki Unlock Logic config option



  • Cola Overdrive will correctly remove cola now
  • Fixed Awase Baori's bars not connecting
  • Fixed Punk Corna Dio's bull not having a texture
  • Fixed Punk Corna Dio not dashing / hitting anything in its path
  • Fixed Shi shishi sonson still working if dropping your sword mid charging
  • Fixed Sables not lifting any entities / blocks in air
  • Fixed an issue where using /removedf while having Spring Hopper active would result in the jump boost getting stuck
  • Fixed Coup de Vent not sending enemies flying
  • Fixed Hakai Ho crashing when hitting multiple targets with the explosion
  • Fixed Pain being usable without having Pain Repel ability unlocked
  • Passives will no longer work while in Spectator mode
  • Magu Magu no Mi's abilities will no longer replace Ancient Debris and Netherite blocks
  • Fixed Gomu abilities not being able to hit Goro users
  • Fixed Item Abilities needing both main and off hands empty in order to be used
  • Fixed couple of death messages not being correctly written down


  • Fixed the COMBINED option of "Haoshoku Haki Unlock Logic" not unlocking it if the user was born with it
  • Fixed Haoshoku Haki not changing its color based on the client's config in multiplayer
  • Fixed Devil Fruits not getting their status updated to LOST when thrown in fire for "One Fruit per World" config
  • Fixed a bug where Devil Fruits would disappear (without update) when shift right clicked into a chest, now they drop when the chest is closed
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when the client's config wouldn't match the server's config on the "Ability Bars" config option
  • Fixed fruits not being correctly represented in the encyclopedia on servers with "Randomized Fruits" enabled (Note: Fruits already registered in the encyclopedia will still be displayed wrongly due to how they got saved)


  • Lowered the number of npcs spawning in the open world (less of a fix per se but it might help with the lag)
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurs when certain mod NPCs (most commonly the Brutes) would kill their target
  • Fixed a bug where Vivre Cards would not rotate correctly towards their target
  • Fixed a bug where players would be unable to pick up Vivre Cards from the ground while in creative
  • Fixed the Color Palette item stacking
  • Fixed being able to dye mod clothes that have no color variations
  • Fixed the 1st Sniper Trial having an unlocalized objective
  • Fixed Fighting Fish's attack range, for real this time
  • Fixed mod enemies giving over 2k bounty per kill
  • Fixed a potential crash occurring with "Cure X effect" objectives


mine-mine-no-mi-1.16.5-0.9.1.jar(15.92 MiB) Primary Download

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