Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

Created2 years ago
Updated7 months ago

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.16.5 - 0.9.3




  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language added thanks to Fallah

Improved Effects

  • Following effects got turned into proper DoTs (damage over time):
    • Frostbite
    • Frozen
    • Candy Stuck
  • Some DoTs effects will have their damage increased based on how strong the effect is
    • Frostbites for example will deal a total of 10 damage per second at max stacks (10), when it gets turned into Frozen after that it'll deal a constant 10 damage per second
  • Frostbite's effect is now based on how many stacks it has rather than based on its duration
  • Effects will correctly add their overlays in 1st person view now (this was previously only done for full color ones)
  • Effects that would block the target's movement will now correctly lock the model in place
  • Lovestuck effect will now use a stone texture instead of a...pink overlay ? (no idea what was in my head at that time)
  • Frozen and Lovestuck effects will now render as skin tight overlay instead of rendering as blocks (Candy Stuck and Black box will still render as blocks as it fits their theme more)
  • Added a client-sided only overlay to the Lookout ability of Hiso Hiso no Mi (this means that only the Hiso user can see the overlay) to better distinguish entities marked with it

Performance Improvements

  • Big improvements on particle effects and their performance impact, this is mostly going to affect medium to big servers where lots of abilities with lots of particles get used frequently. This doesn't mean singleplayer won't see any benefits from this however, especially when it comes to certain fruits such as Daibutsu, Suna, Hie and whatever else people got lag from.
  • Further improvements regarding particles in particular might come in future updates but the big chunk of it is done

Structures Improvements

  • Played with the numbers again, should be much better now
  • As a result the default spawn %s were lowered from 50% to 25% to keep them in check, however increasing this % should now give you a much more obvious increase in structure numbers than before
  • Large structures, ships and trainer structures were the most affected, which means they should be more common now


  • Fixed Doru Doru Arts: Mori getting stuck in the continuous mode
  • Fixed 3rd Swordsman Trial when starting it
  • Fixed player HP not updating correctly after dying with various Keep Stats configs
  • Fixed Cola Overdrive not updating the Cola meter when used
  • Fixed Randomized Fruit config crashing when opening the inventory
  • Fixed Sniper NPCs not spawning Kaen Boshi projectiles correctly (also causing these projectiles to get stuck in the chunk they'd spawn in, causing lag)
  • Fixed Doriki potentially getting stuck at 9999
  • Fixed "What's Kairoseki" advancement never unlocking
  • Fixed "Cat Burglar" and "My Treasure" advancements only unlocking at specific values instead of any value above that
  • Fixed an issue where Out of Body abilities would essentially make the user immortal since the damage applied to the body would never be passed to the owner
  • Fixed a bug where Kairoseki bullets would not hit Phoenix users


mine-mine-no-mi-1.16.5-0.9.3.jar(16.34 MiB) Primary Download

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