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New Features

  • Add Oraxen support
    • Oraxen note blocks defined in sources will now give XP properly
    • Custom blocks can now be easily defined in sources by prefixing the block option of a block source with oraxen:
      • For example, block: oraxen:mythril_ore will automatically register the block state from Oraxen without needing to manually define a state
    • Oraxen items can be directly used in any source menu_item option using a string key prefixed with oraxen:
      • For example, menu_item: oraxen:mythril will use the exact item defined in Oraxen, including any NBT
      • This is defined as a string value directly on the menu_item key rather than the map section used for normal menu items
    • Custom loot from Oraxen blocks will drop extra items correctly with Luck traits like Mining Luck
  • Add requirement.override_global option to main config
    • If true, global requirements will be ignored if item-specific requirements are defined
  • Add mana.cooldown_timer_period option to main config
    • Increasing can help reduce lag caused by TimerCountdown for mana abilities
  • Add sql.pool options to main config
    • The new options maximum_pool_size, minimum_idle, connection_timeout, max_lifetime, and keepalive_time are used to configure the Hikari connection pool
    • These should not be changed unless you have issues with connection stability and know what you are doing

Bug Fixes

  • Fix power leaderboard not adding custom skills
  • Fix leaderboard still showing for disabled skills
  • Fix global requirements and world options not being updated on skills reload
  • Fix roman placeholders with value 0 not working
  • Fix ManaAbilityRefreshEvent being called invalidly
  • Fix hp keep_full_on_increase not working sometimes
  • Fix snow golem and mooshroom not giving XP in 1.20.5+


AuraSkills-2.1.5.jar(3.94 MiB) Primary Download

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