CoreProtect v22.0


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  • Added support for Folia.
  • Added tooltips to lookups that display item names and enchantments.
  • Added extended support for Minecraft 1.20 blocks/items/entities.
  • Added logging and rollback support for all double sided signs.
  • Added inventory transaction logging for chiseled bookshelves.
  • Added inventory transaction logging for placing items on a campfire.
  • Added logging for brushing and destruction of suspicious sand/gravel.
  • Added logging and rollback support for jukebox transactions.
  • Added logging and rollback support for dragon egg teleportation.
  • Added player interaction logging for chiseled bookshelves.
  • Added player interaction logging for jukeboxes.
  • Added legacy component serialization support for signs in Paper 1.17+.
  • Added logging for clipboard pastes when using FAWE. (@Boothin)
  • Added hidden "unknown-logging" logging option. (@Radiant)
  • Added hidden "maximum-pool-size" database option. (@C0Nd3Mnd)
  • Improved performance of ItemStack merging. (@asdanjer)
  • Improved performance of structure growth processing. (@s-yh-china)
  • Improved detection of new wood types for future Minecraft updates.
  • Improved CoreProtectPreLogEvent to now be cancellable.
  • Improved MySQL database connection handling.
  • Changed minimum required version to Minecraft 1.15.
  • Updated HikariCP dependency from 4.0.3 to 5.0.1.
  • Fixed performLookup in API not returning valid block data.
  • Fixed sign lookups displaying incorrectly when containing hex colors.
  • Fixed incorrect amounts when dispensing items in Paper 1.19.3+.
  • Fixed networking API connections being reset when reloading config.
  • Fixed logging and lookup issues after performing "/co reload".
  • Fixed mushroom growth logging invalid data when using bonemeal.
  • Fixed tree/mushroom growth not respecting config file when using bonemeal.
  • Fixed NullPointerException while processing transactions for dyed armor.
  • Fixed NullPointerException while logging container transactions.
  • Fixed NullPointerException while breaking/placing a spawner.
  • Fixed NullPointerException while performing rollbacks.
  • Fixed InventoryClickEvent exception when using Magma.
  • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException in ProjectileLaunchEvent.


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