Stereo's Default+ v2.4


v2.4 is here!

  • Iris support! You no longer need just OptiFine for the shader to fully work. This changed some code in the gbuffers_skybasic, gbuffers_skytextured, and gbuffers_basic GLSL files to fully work!

  • Otherwise just some code cleanup.

Thanks to IMS, of the Iris Shaders team, for helping me debug.

And thanks to XorDev for XorDev's Default Shaderpack which helped me fix the sky, and IMS for pointing me to this.

This update does use code from XorDev's Default Shaderpack, which does not require any credit and is free for anyone to use, however, I am still putting the disclaimer from the GitHub Repository here:

" XorDev's Default Shaderpack was put together by @XorDev to make it easier for anyone to make their own shaderpacks in Minecraft (Optifine). You can do whatever you want with this code! Credit is not necessary, but always appreciated! "


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