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Super Duper Vanilla 1.3.5


Patch Notes 1.3.1-1.3.5

  • Updated shader documentation (found inside the shader)

  • Updated FlameRender (C) Studios License to version 1.3

  • Updated shader pipeline GLSL version to 3.3

  • Added new emissive entities

  • Added specular highlight setting

  • Added new tonemapping settings

  • Added double aerogel clouds option

  • Added new 1.20 blocks for waving terrain

  • Added new 1.20 blocks for integrated PBR

  • Added settings for entity shadows and block entity shadows

  • Added mod support for physics ocean (not to be confused with physics water)

  • Added ru_RU.lang for Russian translation for 1.3.4 (1.3.5 is incomplete due to recent additions) (@Felix14-v2)

  • Improved bloom calculation

  • Adjusted default gamma

  • Adjusted volumetric lighting

  • Adjusted glint strength emission

  • Optimized glowing outline for Optifine

  • Optimized edge outline calculation

  • Optimized lighting calculations

  • Optimized vertex calculations

  • Optimized sky calculations

  • Optimized buffer writing

  • Optimized PBR and iPBR

  • Fixed biome blending

  • Fixed bloom edge leak

  • Fixed block entity shading

  • Fixed inconsistent water noise

  • Fixed certain compatibility issues

  • Fixed world curvature for entities

  • Fixed inconsistent tonemapping settings

  • Fixed inconsistent lightning flash (now Iris exclusive)

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