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A Brand New Way to Play Minecraft

Made By AvidMc & Quillbee

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Known Limitations

Chunklock does NOT play well with Optifine, please keep that in mind if you are experiencing issues with chunk boundaries not rendering or partially rendering.

The Lunar client also does not play well with Chunklock. You will not see the item displays when using the Lunar client. This is a bug with their client and not Chunklock.

Chunklock has been reported to not work with Viabackward, a Spigot plugin.


Chunklock offers a fresh and challenging gameplay twist by locking every chunk in the world, except for the one you start in. To unlock new chunks, you must pay a cost in items, with the required items determined by the biome of the chunk. This concept transforms Minecraft into a resource management and exploration-driven adventure, encouraging you to explore diverse biomes and strategically gather resources.

Key Features

  • Unlock the Unknown: Your Minecraft world starts small, with only one unlocked chunk. As you venture forth, you'll need to gather specific items unique to each biome to unlock new chunks. This dynamic approach ensures every journey is unique and keeps you on your toes.

  • Resource Management: Chunklock emphasizes resource management and strategy. To progress, you must carefully plan and prioritize which biomes to explore first, optimizing your resource gathering to unlock more chunks efficiently.

  • Multiplayer Compatibility: Whether you prefer cooperative play or competitive challenges, Chunklock fully supports multiplayer. We recommend a maximum of 6 players and at least 8GB of RAM.

  • Regular Updates: Quillbee and I are committed to keeping Chunklock up-to-date with Minecraft's latest versions, ensuring compatibility and a fresh experience with each update.

  • Works With Any Seed: Chunklock is desgined to be played on any Minecraft map. It's just a datapack!

  • Compatibility: Chunklock has been tested alongside popular datapacks like Skyblock Infinite, ensuring a working and fun gameplay experience for those who love to mix and match their Minecraft adventures.

Important Commands

All of Chunklock's commands are /triggers that can be run by players with OP permission. Here are the following commands:

/trigger ChunkDifficulty - Changes the difficulty of chunklock. You can only run this command in a fresh world with no chunks unlocked.

/trigger ChunkSpreadPlayers - Spread players around the world in a 1000 x 1000 area, respecting teams. This will also set the player's spawns where they are teleported to.

/trigger ChunkHideUnlockTitle - Do not show a title message when new chunks are unlocked. This is per-player.

/trigger ChunkShowUnlockTitle - Show a title message when new chunks are unlocked. This is per-player.

/trigger ChunkReroll - Easy mode only. Reroll a chunk for free. You must be close to and facing the chunk you'd like to reroll.

/trigger ChunkUninstall - remove Chunklock. See the uninstall section before for more details.

How to Get Started

Installing Chunklock is a breeze. Simply add the datapack to your world's datapacks folder, and you're ready. There are no client-side resource packs required, making it accessible for both single-player and multiplayer experiences.

How to Uninstall

If you accidentally install Chunklock in a world and you’d like to entirely remove it, you can run /trigger ChunkUninstall. Note: this will only remove locked chunks that are currently loaded in the world.

Curious as to How Chunklock Was Made?

Check out Quillbee's Video!

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