✨Release v1.9 - 1.19 Datapack


🚀 New Features

  • Added new "Farlander" skin as per community request! SUGGESTION
  • Added "The Headless" and "Lumbering Jack" skins as a result of a seperate community request! SUGGESTION
  • Players now have the ability to choose to randomize custom skins, default skins, or both. SUGGESTION
  • Added a new config option called "Sighting Sense" that changes whether or not your pets will react when Herobrine is nearby. SUGGESTION
  • Added the "Super Secret Settings" menu, good luck finding it!
  • Added a new config option and feature called "Nametag" that changes whether or not Herobrine has a nametag and how it appears. SUGGESTION
  • Added new "Smile" skin based off a skin created for a Vrchat From The Fog remake world. VRCHAT WORLD
  • Added new "Grimreaper" skin inspired by the legacy console Halloween skin packs. SKINPACK SHOWCASE
  • Added a new debug mode allowing the user to see everything Herobrine does. It can be activated, using this command: "/function fromthefog:admin/debug_mode."
  • Added a new config option called "Rekindling Shrine" that changes whether or not Herobrine will relight doused shrines.
  • Added a new config option and feature that changes whether players will be rewarded advancements related to From The Fog. (21 NEW ADVANCEMENTS!) SUGGESTION
  • Added a new config option called "Fearful Footsteps" that changes whether or not Herobrine will run up behind players creating footsteps.
  • Added support for 17 different languages thanks to the following translators!
  • Added a new variant of the shrine that is reminiscent of the old one from the Original Herobrine Mod. SUGGESTION

🔧 Improvements

  • Herobrine will now rotate like a player when running away.
  • Herobrine will now wait 3/4 of a second before running away, he also turns slower.
  • Excluded the fake Herobrine from being randomized.
  • Moved the "Randomize Skins" option to the skin library menu.
  • Wolves will now only growl at Herobrine when sitting. SUGGESTION
  • Made the config gui prettier and more compact.
  • Herobrine's base model is solid and cannot be seen through in certain spots.
  • Changed the Dreadful Donation execute chance from "0.0008" to "0.008."
  • The shrine will still strike lightning even after the main events have started. (Only when OG shrine mechanic is enabled.) SUGGESTION
  • Made the Apparition skin less transparent to improve visiblity.
  • Changed Herobrine's skin to match fit the newest version. SUGGESTION
  • Made the Haunting Delay options easier to understand.
  • Made it so the stalking variation of Herobrine can spawn farther away. SUGGESTION

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed all lit netherrack relighting itself.
  • Fixed Herobrine placing signs after being looked at through a window even when the player couldn't actually see him.
  • Fixed Glitch having white lines across his face when spawned. (Bret it's "png" not "pnh") REPORT
  • Herobrine no longer spins when positioning his models. REPORT/IDEA
  • Fixed Herobrine not spawning on "dirt_path" or "farmland" blocks.
  • Fixed a dataleak caused by forceloading/ticking too many markers.
  • Fixed some scoreboards resetting completely, some of which caused set config options to change.
  • Fixed the ghost miner mechanic endlessly looping checks after being run once.
  • Fixed the Redstone Torch Trail's sometimes spawning inside the ground.

💻 Technical

  • Added partial Smithed compatibility. (Scoreboards, Entities, and Custom Model Data)
  • Herobrine now uses "disc_fragment_5" instead of "diamond_hoe" for his model. (Good bye hoebrine, you will be missed...)
  • Created a new "spawning_raycast" directory in block tags and moved the respective files for better organization.
  • Added the griddy animation as a technical animation that can be used with the fake Herobrine.
  • Better optimized the block detection markers.
  • The Chilled Candles event check will no longer run unless the candle is lit.
  • Moved all of the config options to one scoreboard objective to prepare for better optimization. (Your settings should carry over between updates but check to be sure.)
  • Changed all of the text added to use localization strings.
  • Changed all the structures to have their own biomes tag.
  • Removed Mojang

📷 Images

lumbering-jack old-mod-shrine advancements nametag


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