Update 2.14.4 | The 1.20 Update


Because of the changes here, specifically with regards to translation keys, this version of New in Town is not gauranteed backwards compatible with existing worlds running New in Town 2.14.3 or lower. Most things, like building structures, will work, but other features, specifically trades that require a custom item (Like Building Permits in exchange for Castle Permits) won't work--you'll need to start a new world to use this version to the fullest.


  • Updated Pack Format to 15. This version of New in Town is only compatible with 1.20+
  • Updated recipe advancements to use new 1.20 formatting.
  • Added Translation Keys to all text in the data pack. All text now has a fallback for the original English text, but can now support Resource Packs that include a translation file for different languages.


  • Fixed Mangrove Log entries in Regional outpost loot tables. They had a minor typo that was producing errors and not generating mangrove logs.
  • Added Cherry Logs to the Lumberer's trades.
  • Fixed the Miner's Tuff trade running out of stock and never restocking. It now works like all other trades.
  • The Adventurer will now sometimes give a random Armor Trim Smithing Template upon completing your quest. Not all Armor Trims are available in this way. There's a 70% chance he will give exactly one, in addition to the usual rewards.


  • Added a Tutorial Tip for the Soulforge.
  • Mobs that spawn at the Tyrant's Bases will vary rarely drop Rib Armor Trim Smithing Templates, about 10% of the time.
  • Loot barrels at the Tyrant's Bases will now have exactly one Smithing Template about 20% of the time. Rib Armor Trim Smithing Templates are slightly more common than Netherite Upgrade Smithing Templates.

Custom Recipe Tools:

  • Updated template recipe advancements to use new 1.20 formatting. Custom Structure Addons will have to update as well.

Optional and Template Resource Pack:

  • Updated Pack format to 15.
  • Added en_us language translation file. You can use the file from inside the Data Pack or in the Official RP to create translation resource packs for other languages. Be warned, there's over 700 lines of text. Dimensions Expansion Pack text is not yet included.


new-in-town-by-kanokarob-v2.14.4.zip(2.79 MiB) Primary Download
new-in-town-official-rp-by-kanokarob-v1.1.zip(752.06 KiB) Optional resource pack Download

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