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Applied Energistics 2


AE2: A popular automation and storage mod

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AE2 15.1.0 [FABRIC]


This release contains several backported fixes and content from 1.20.4. In particular, this introduces a passive energy generation device, of which there can only be one per network (including across quartz-fibers): The Crystal Resonance Generator.

What's Changed

  • Fix annihilation planes staying asleep when blocks in front of them change (#7530)
  • Make crafting unit recipies consistent (#7550)
  • Stop logging certain errors only when AE debug logging was enabled, always log them instead (#7561)
  • Adjust amount input width depending on the width of the unit shown (#7586)
  • Config option spawn only flawless budding quartz in meteorites (#7575)
  • Allow cocoa to be accelerated by the growth accelerator (#7587)
  • Fix to Divide by 0 Crash (#7611)
  • Use stack-aware getMaxStackSize. Fixes #7589. (#7614)
  • Add API to cancel crafting jobs from ICraftingCPU (#7625)
  • Number entry fixes: NaN & division with integer result handling (#7629)
  • Fix #7522: Fix tiny TNT not passing blockentity to Block.dropResources (#7626)
  • Fix #7552: Invisible facades in guide book (#7624)
  • Fix cable bus breaking showing particles with missing texture (#7643)
  • Allow non-AE2 pattern implementations to be inserted via the pattern terminal (#7647)
  • Fix handling of container items that can contain multiple key types (#7666)
  • Remove Platform Random, use Level Random wherever applicable (#7685)
  • Align light detecting fixture recipe with new quartz fixture recipe (using cable anchor instead of iron ingot) (#7775)
  • Tunnels should not disconnect when they were active but moved to a grid that is rebooting (causes reboot loop) (#7767)
  • Pattern providers now only push ingredients for crafting patterns to molecular assemblers, not other inventories (#7751)
  • Show the energy generation capacity of machines in the network status (#7750)
  • Fix initialization of debug item generator (#7816)
  • Increase the generation rate of the crystal resonance generator to 20 AE/t (#7776)
  • Crystal Resonance Generator model tweaks (#7725)
  • Fix blocks behind hidden facades being non-interactable (#7754)
  • Always hide facades when a network tool is held in either hand (#7755)
  • Add datagenned files to the repo (#7582)
  • Space+Click now only moves slots from the same group as the clicked slot (#7710)
  • Delay DebugItemGen Initialization (#7692)
  • Improve Markdown loading performance under FML (#7690)
  • Implement a crystal resonance generator (passive power generation for AE) (#7716)
  • Highlight devices that are missing a channel on the network status UI (#7749)
  • Allow crafting of quartz fixtures from cable anchors to replace iron ingots (#7748)
  • Slight encoded pattern tooltip readability improvement (#7747)
  • Highlight invalid patterns in the pattern access terminal (#7746)
  • Add sounds to Facade placement based on underlying block and rework pickup sound for wrenches (#7056)
  • Fix use of memory cards on molecular assemblers (#7743)
  • Fix some held tools not fully being in-view in first-person (#7741)
  • Fix rare QNB crash when leaving a single-player world (#7739)
  • Don't use an external process to determine the mod version since it causes CurseForge malware detection to trip.

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