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Aphid Additions

A mod that adds a bit more life to the End

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Aphid Additions


Have you ever wanted to make End dimension more full of life, or dreamt about having a bug-like mount? Well, you are in luck, because this mod adds just that - and much more.


Aphid Additions adds two new mobs, new food items connected with said mobs, as well as new crafting ingredients.

Requires Fabric API || Requires GeckoLib || Requires BCLib




1.19 UPDATE:

New features:

Added new food items: 
Dragon's Breath - a spicy treat, you can get seeds for it by breaking end grass. Seeds can only be planted near light, but will grow on bare end stone. Look out, however, since you may get a bit poisoned.
Elytra Shards - can be cooked up into End Wings, which can be either glazed in Honeydew or covered in Hot Sauce
Hot Sauce - can be crafted from Dragon's Breath and other End-found plants to give it a bit more spice.
Beetleberry Jam - a core item for crafting Jelly, speeds you up after consuming
Jelly - a block with properties of both cake and slime. Can't be used for sticking, can't be broken, but is a not-full block that boosts your jump.
Added new features to tools and armor:
Tools received a slight nerf, while also getting an innate enchantment - whenever an entity is hit with them, it gets levitation effect. Also, Chitin Pickaxes now mines end-themed blocks a lot faster, and when combined with efficiency can instamine End Stone
Armor now has a more expensive crafting recipe, as well as having an innate Thorns enchantment, so don't pick it when dealing with Zombie Villagers. On wearing a full set it also gives a significant Jump boost.



Firstly, let's mention the new mobs. Those are aphids, and they can be found throughout the End in structures that are also brought by this mod. You can find them either in stables, or they can be attracted by a light source - like all bugs, they are drawn in by the light.

There are two types of aphids -

  • Lesser Aphids, which can be interacted with with an empty bottle to get honeydew, End analogue of honey,
  • and Greater Aphids, which can be used as a mount without any saddle. They are faster and a lot jumpier than normal horses, but getting them to overworld may be an issue.


Both types have several different color variants, all of which but one can only be obtained from breeding. Naturally spawned aphids only come in one color - dark-grayish purple for Greater, and purple for Lesser. You'll have to go on a full on selective breeding expedition to know if you've collected them all!


Some of the color variants of Greater Aphid:









 Some of the color variants of Lesser Aphid:








Speaking of breeding, how do we breed these nice lads? Well, answer lies in a new berry this mod also adds - Beetleberry. It can be found rarely spawning throughout the End, or, if you're lucky to find a stable, you can find a few bushes of this new berry right there, next to your new bug friends.


Now, aphids exist not only to liven up the End, but to also be a source of food and materials for those lost in this dimension. If you slay an aphid, it will always drop some meat for you to eat, which can be improved by cooking it - and then glazing it with a lovely honeydew that you may have collected from it prior to slaying.

Other than meat, aphids also drop chitin, which can be used to craft a whole new set of armor - now, don't get too excited, it is worse than diamond, yet provides more protection than iron. A solid choice for those, who follow insect fashion.

And, ever so rarely, an aphid can drop a chitin spike. Those are used to create tools and weapons that are faster than netherite, yet have a lot less durability. However, you need to be very lucky to get kitted out with the full set.


You may have seen before that I mentioned stables - well, be pleased to know that not only vanilla biomes can spawn those. Some of the BetterEnd biomes have also gotten their stable variants, and, if you're lucky, you may find them as well. Installing BetterEnd for this mod to work, however, isn't required.



End Stables (Default):


Shrubland Stables (BetterEnd):


Sulphur Stables (BetterEnd):


Umbra Stables (BetterEnd):



This mod requires both client & server side to work correctly and is currently only for Fabric.

This mod is compatible with BetterEnd biomes.



If you have any problems with this mod please open an issue on GitHub.