ArmorPlus is a mod based on exploration, killing, building, getting geared up, fight the bosses and explore the depths of your worlds

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ArmorPlus 1.18.2-18.2.0


ArmorPlus 1.18.2-18.2.0

  • Out of BETA release.
  • Re-arranged the registration order to match more closely to the actual registration order so issues are avoided.
  • Internal Code Cleanup:
    • Removed a lot of unused/redundant classes and files.

ArmorPlus 1.18.2-18.1.0 (BETA)

    • Reason: All current trophies will cause crashes and issues after being destroyed by a player and replaced.

ArmorPlus 1.18.2-18.0.5 (BETA)

  • Updated ONLY for 1.18.2+
  • Fixes TAG system related breaking changes that occur between versions.
  • Fixed Lava Infused Obsidian's placed texture being invalid
  • Technical: Updated to use the new World Gen Registry system/changes
    • They now must be used via the Holder<> Interface
    • registration is now done more directly combining configured features with feature and placed features with configured features.

ArmorPlus 1.18.1-18.0.4 (BETA)

  • Added native support for 1.18.2 (next release only 1.18.2+)
  • Added new enchant * Soul Harden: Your armor/wearable doesn't take any damage from anything, but takes half of its "max" durability as damage when the player who had it equipped previously was slain. * MAX Uses: 2 Soul Bound Durability uses * Added a config to check for which enchants it cannot be used with (by default mending, unbreaking, curse of vanishing).
  • Added the following COMMON config entries
    • Mob drops added by ArmorPlus can now be enabled and/or disabled for each individual entity
      • enableRegularDrops (Default: true)
      • enableTrophyDrops (Default: true)
      • enableSoulDrops (Default: true)
  • Infused Lava Crystal Pickaxe will now always infuse a crystal dropped from compressed obsidian variant of the lava and/or frost crystal ore (added to default config)
  • Fixed & Updated the /armorplus patreon command which is now /armorplus support, and now lists both GitHub sponsors and Patreon as options with which one could support development.
    • Was previously using the /armorplus wiki localization/translations which lead to issues with execution.
  • Fixed a few instances where the Fire Resistance buff wasn't applied correctly.
  • Changed the Obsidian Stick recipe from a shapeless 2 obsidian requirement to a shaped recipe in 2 rows, similar to the wooden stick recipe but with obsidian.

ArmorPlus 1.18.1-18.0.3 (BETA)

  • Technical Fix: Now uses saveAdditional instead of save method for tile entities.
  • Added variant light levels for Crystal Ores:
    • Stone: 0; Obsidian: 4; Compressed: 8; (To fit with their environment and to provide an indicator of how much value they hold)
  • Fixes Trident's unknown enchantment effect being applied to all tridents.

ArmorPlus 1.18.1-18.0.2 (BETA)

  • Fixes blocks being unbreakable
  • Added tool requirements for different blocks and corrected some loot drops (these changed in 1.17/1.18 so had to adapt).
    • all blocks for the time being, require pickaxes, ores have different tool requirement depending on the type they are on

ArmorPlus 1.18.1-18.0.1 (BETA)

  • Fixes all advancements and recipes being given to the player upon picking up any item.
  • Fixes all arrows not having correct ability descriptions.
  • Fixes all bows not having a correct drawing animation texture.
  • Fixes trophy blocks not having a correct special renderer.
  • New Ore Generation settings for Lava/Frost Crystals:
    • Stone will now only spawn from Y: 0 to Y: 200, can only replace stone, air exposure is 0.5 (50%)
    • Obsidian will now only spawn from Y: -30 to Y: 0, can only replace deepslate, air exposure is 0.3 (30%)
    • Compressed will now only spawn from Y: -60 to Y: -30, can only replace deepslate, air exposure is 0.1 (10%)
  • Fixed maces not having a texture and causing crashes on right/left click.
  • Added the following COMMON configs
    • Special Effect Toggles (enable/disable armor & weapon effects for each material)
      • When a toggle is turned on, the effects of the set will be disabled, tooltips will show (DISABLED) on abilities when they have been disabled.
    • World Gen Values and Toggles (enable/disable, veinSize, exposure, minY, maxY, etc) for each Ore.

ArmorPlus 1.18.1-18.0.0 (BETA)

Ported to 1.18.1

  • Items (Armors, Weapons, Blocks, Arrows, Souls, Materials, Etc), Effects (Buffs, Debuffs)
  • World Gen is unstable (unfinished, and most likely doesn't work)
  • Biomes are unstable as well
  • 3D Models for some items will be broken
  • Entities (except arrow entities) aren't added yet, next release


armorplus-1.18.2-18.2.0.jar(2.07 MiB) Primary Download