Carpet TIS Addition

Carpet TIS Addition


A Carpet mod (fabric-carpet) extension, a collection of carpet mod style useful tools and interesting features

Client or server Game MechanicsUtility

Created2 years ago
Updated4 days ago

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Carpet TIS Addition v1.57.0 for mc24w10a


New Rules

  • Added rule catalogue porting
  • Added rule chatMessageLengthLimitUnlocked
  • Added rule debugNbtQueryNoPermission
  • Added rule minecartPlaceableOnGround
  • (mc1.19+) Added rule yeetOutOfOrderChatKick
  • (mc1.19+) Added rule moveableReinforcedDeepslate
  • (mc1.20+) Added rule dustTrapdoorReintroduced (#111)
  • (mc1.20.2+) Added rule shulkerBoxCCEReintroduced

Lifetime Tracker

  • Support tracking minecart and boat
  • Added spawning reason PLAYER_LOGIN and removal reason PLAYER_LOGOUT, mostly for player's vehicles

Fabric Carpet Tweaks

  • Added /player xxx rejoin command to preserve its position and rotation (#116)
  • Ensure client / server doesn't crash with the network change introduced in fabric-carpet v1.4.114 and mc1.20.2
    • Try making client-server communicates correctly between with any fabric-carpet versions, by rewriting incoming fabric-carpet with the following steps, with best-effort:
      1. Rewrite the packet structure to what current fabric-carpet accepts (the leading varint 1 before fabric-carpet v1.4.114)
      2. Rewrite NBT data to what current MC version accepts (see for the mc1.20.2 network NBT format change)
    • Also make TISCM payload survives with the mc1.20.2 network NBT change too
    • The fix is setup automatically when Carpet TIS Addition is installed

Version Requirements

Minecraft Carpet TIS Addition Fabric Carpet
1.14.4 mc1.14.4 >=1.3.7
1.15.2 mc1.15.2 >=1.4.8
1.16.4, 1.16.5 mc1.16.5 >=1.4.41
1.17.1 mc1.17.1 >=1.4.56
1.18.2 mc1.18.2 >=1.4.56
1.19.2 mc1.19.2 >=1.4.84
1.19.3 mc1.19.3 >=1.4.96
1.19.4 mc1.19.4 >=1.4.100
1.20,1.20.1 mc1.20.1 >=1.4.112
1.20.2 mc1.20.2 >=1.4.118
1.20.3, 1.20.4 mc1.20.4 >=1.4.128
1.20.5 snapshots 24w*** latest

See here for more information of version support and end-of-life status

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carpet-tis-addition-mc24w10a-v1.57.0.jar(1.56 MiB) Primary Download

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