Carpet TIS Addition

Carpet TIS Addition

A Carpet mod (fabric-carpet) extension, a collection of carpet mod style useful tools and interesting features

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Created a year ago
Updated 4 days ago

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Carpet TIS Addition v1.41.0 for mc1.14.4



  • Added rule creativeNetherWaterPlacement, why not
  • Added rule undeadDontBurnInSunlight, why not not
  • Added rule instantBlockUpdaterReintroduced, bring back old behavior and have much logical logging messages for microtiming logger
  • Added TISCM network protocol, switch-able by rule tiscmNetworkProtocol
  • Added rule syncServerMsptMetricsData using tiscm protocol to sync server mspt metrics data to the client, which can be seen in the right bottom corner of the F3 debug screen
  • Added rule flattenTriangularDistribution, make edge cases more likely to happen

Changes - Lifetime Tracker

  • (1.19+) Lifetime tracker: Make item entity removal due to InventoryOwner (villager, alley, piglin) picking up item work again

Changes - MicroTiming Logger

  • Improved microtiming state change info and general block state displaying
  • Updated setBlockState flag bit value descriptions. The full block state and related changes will be shown in the hover text for block state change events
  • Put merged message indicator to the same line as the prev message
  • (1.19+) Show advertise for rule instantBlockUpdaterReintroduced if it's disable when enabling rule microTiming

Deprecate - Microtiming Logger

Since Microtiming dye marker provides good enough user experience, it's time for us to deprecate those legacy wool stuffs

  • Deprecate non- marker_only value of rule microTimingTarget
  • Make marker_only the default value of microTimingTarget


carpet-tis-addition-mc1.14.4-v1.41.0.jar (1.28 MiB) Primary Download