Carpet TIS Addition

Carpet TIS Addition

A Carpet mod (fabric-carpet) extension, a collection of carpet mod style useful tools and interesting features

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Created a year ago
Updated 4 days ago

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Carpet TIS Addition v1.42.0 for mc1.14.4



  • Added rule creativeNoItemCooldown, ender pearl rain in coming
  • Added rule stopCommandDoubleConfirmation, no more unintended triggering
  • Added rule toughWitherRose to let you place wither rose anywhere
  • Added command /sleep and related rule commandSleep to lag the server


  • Removed snakeyaml dependency and use yamlang gradle plugin to handle yaml translations on build time, so the mod jar is now smaller
  • Warns when rules that requires tiscm protocol are enabled and rule tiscmNetworkProtocol is not enabled
  • Lifetime tracker supports re-tracking those re-added-to-mobcap mobs, e.g. mobs dismout from minecart
    • Can be disabled by setting rule lifeTimeTrackerConsidersMobcap to false
  • (1.18.2) Compacts with lithium 0.10+
    • Now it conflicts with lithium <0.10


  • Fixed crash with optifine 1.17.1+ (at least e.g. 1.17.1 HD U H1)
  • Fixed projectile logger enhancement doesn't work and crash in 1.19+
  • (1.16+) Fixed translatable text's args not copied in via Messenger.copy
    • Should fix the isolability issue between text receivers when doing server-side translation

Version Requirements

Minecraft Carpet TIS Addition Fabric Carpet
1.14.4 mc1.14.4 >=1.3.7
1.15.2 mc1.15.2 >=1.4.8
1.16.4, 1.16.5 mc1.16.5 >=1.4.38
1.17.1 mc1.17.1 >=1.4.56
1.18.2 mc1.18.2 >=1.4.56
1.19.2 mc1.19.2 >=1.4.84
1.19.3 snapshots mc22w*** latest


carpet-tis-addition-mc1.14.4-v1.42.0.jar (1.03 MiB) Primary Download