Carpet TIS Addition

Carpet TIS Addition


A Carpet mod (fabric-carpet) extension, a collection of carpet mod style useful tools and interesting features

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Created2 years ago
Updated4 days ago

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Carpet TIS Addition v1.47.0 for mc1.14.4


New rules

  • Added rule fakePlayerRemoteSpawning
    • The extra permission requirement for spawning remotely a fake player with /player command
    • Here "remotely" means spawning a fake player at more than 16m away, or in other dimension
    • Default: true, which means there's no permission check at all
  • Added rule loggerMovement as a permission level control of the movement logger
    • Default: ops (permission level 2)

Carpet Tweaks

  • Add OP permission check to command /log <loggerName> <option> <playerName> and /log clean <playerName> that controls logger subscription for other players
  • Prevent player using /info block command as a remote chunk loader
    • You can only query information of block in loaded chunk
  • Carpet creativeNoClip enhanced:
    • Ignore no-clip players in IWorld#getEntityCollisions: Calculation of collision boxes from entities, which will be used in e.g. entity (especially minecart) movement, boat placement, now ignores no-clip players
    • (< mc1.16) Ignore no-clip players during end gateway teleporting entities
  • Added perTick action type to EntityPlayerActionPack
  • Improved randomly action type to EntityPlayerActionPack
    • Usage: /player <name> <action> randomly <generator> <args>
    • Support random generators: uniform, poisson, gaussian
    • Support simulation dry-run, screenshot

Lifetime Tracker

  • Renamed "life time" to "lifetime" for correctness
    • Also renamed lifeTime logger into lifetime logger
  • Display cleanup and improved, screenshot
    • Make use of line list and Messenger.join
    • Use "  " instead of "- " as indent string for cleaner look
    • Append percentage display for item / xp orb hovering extra count
  • Explicitly display extra count for item / xp amount
    • Explicit is better than implicit, or people will just don't know those data are stored in hover
  • Flatten spawning / removal position for console, screenshot
  • Added container spawning reason
    • Indicating items dropped from container

Other Changes

  • Make rule yeetUpdateSuppressionCrash work whenever possible
    • Make it work when fabric-carpet or carpet-extra doesn't have rule updateSuppressionCrashFix
  • Extends mc1.19.2 support until mc1.21 is out
    • Starting from mc1.19.3, Minecraft minor version change might contain larger changes, so we might need to maintain not-latest minor versions longer
    • mc1.19.3 and mc1.19.4 are minor versions with not-small changes, so extend support fo mc1.19.2 and mc1.19.3
    • See:


  • Fixed damage logger message translations

Version Requirements

Minecraft Carpet TIS Addition Fabric Carpet
1.14.4 mc1.14.4 >=1.3.7
1.15.2 mc1.15.2 >=1.4.8
1.16.4, 1.16.5 mc1.16.5 >=1.4.38
1.17.1 mc1.17.1 >=1.4.56
1.18.2 mc1.18.2 >=1.4.56
1.19.2 mc1.19.2 >=1.4.84
1.19.3 mc1.19.3 >=1.4.96
1.19.4 mc1.19.4 >=1.4.100
1.20 snapshots 23w*** latest



carpet-tis-addition-mc1.14.4-v1.47.0.jar(1.1 MiB) Primary Download

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