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DashLoader is now unmaintaned and is looking for a new maintainer. Join the discord and contact notalpha if you are interested.

This mod accelerates the Minecraft Asset Loading system by caching all of its content, This leads to a much faster game load. It does this by caching all of its content on first launch and on next launch loading back that exact cache. The cache loading is hyper fast and scalable which utilises your entire system.

Important notes:

• The first time your launch DashLoader it will be significantly slower. Because it needs to create a cache which contains all the assets minecraft normally loads. This will also happen every time you change a mod/resourcepack if that configuration does not have an existing cache.

• DashLoader has been known to be incompatible with a lot of mods. DashLoader 3.0 has massively improved compatibility by not forcing mod developers to add explicit support to make their assets cachable. This means that DashLoader will load assets normally for mod assets that cannot be cached. While this improves mod compatibility it hurts speed as the minecraft loading system is quite slow.

• If you use DashLoader for Developing mods or creating resource packs you can press f3 + t to recreate the cache to load your new assets in. If you want to just show off the speed of DashLoader you can press shift + f3 + t

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YourKit Makes amazing profilers for both Java and .NET. We use their Java Profiler to understand where to optimize further and make DashLoader faster.
JetBrains Creates excellent IDEs for all programmers and have provided us with access to their enterprise products for use to develop DashLoader and Hyphen. Donate
I have a Ko-Fi page if you would like to Support me.
Please only support me if you like what I do, and you are not in a bad financial situation to do so.

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