Enigmatic Legacy

Enigmatic Legacy


Magic mod that contributes to vanilla progression

Client and server AdventureEquipmentMagic

Created2 years ago
Updated7 months ago

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Enigmatic Legacy v1.7.3


The Changelog:

[Release 1.7.3]:

  • Fixed Angel's Blessing active ability not working (#104).

[Release 1.7.2]:

  • Re-added missing localized names for Enigmatic Amulet and Scroll of Ageless Wisdom (#34).

[Release 1.7.1]:

  • Lots of code rewriting and optimizations;
  • Wither Skulls summoned by Heart of Creation now home in on observed entity. Also, new animation for indicating stronger skulls;
  • Implemented null check in LootingLevelEvent event listener, to prevent potential issues (#31);
  • Etherium Pickaxe and Astral Breaker are now effective against shulker boxes.

[Release 1.7.0]:

  • Initial 1.15.2 port;
  • Reduced amount of particles produced by Astral Breaker.

[Release 1.6.4]:

  • Fixed side violation on dedicated servers caused by Eye of the Nebula (#15);
  • Unequipping Heart of Creation and Gift of the Heaven no longer causes flight to be disabled while in Creative Mode (#16);
  • Removed excessive log output in BlockDropsHarvest event handler (#20);
  • Astral Breaker and Dislocation Ring now respect client particle settings (#26).

[Release 1.6.3]:

  • Added simplified Chinese translation (thanks to LyricaPrismriver) #21.

[Release 1.6.2]:

  • Magnetic Ring and Dislocation Ring now respect Demagnetize.

[Release 1.6.1]:

[Release 1.6.0]:

  • Implemeted global changelog. Included as part of the mod file;
  • Implemeted Tome of Hungering Knowledge.

[Release 1.5.3]:

  • Reclassified most sound events played by mod from neutral to players category;
  • Lowered mining speed bonus provided by Charm of the Treasure Hunter to 30% (from previous 50%), to prevent players from gaining instamine on stone and similar blocks when using Diamond Pickaxe with Efficiency V;
  • Increased light tolerance of Charm of the Treasure Hunters, so that it's not affected by weaker light sources, like lit Redstone Ore or Redstone Torch. Now works in light levels of 8 and below;
  • Angel's Blessing now accelerates player's own projectiles (instead of slowing them down);
  • Will of the Ocean is no longer capable of consuming experience from Scroll of Ageless Wisdom when one is equipped;
  • Universal Clock HUD is now handled in RenderGameOverlayEvent.Post to avoid being overlapped by other elements, like vignette. Likely will soon be moved into a separate mod;
  • Config versioning system is changed to also reset all values upon updating from versions of the mod that didn't have it implemented yet;
  • Config version is changed to 1.1.

[Release 1.5.2]:

  • Implemented config option that allow to make Universal Clock HUD only displayed in fullscreen mode;
  • Fixed overwriting any stack in targeted slot when adding Enigmatic Amulet to player's inventory.

[Release 1.5.1]:

  • Implemented Universal Clock HUD and a bunch of client-sided config options for it.

[Release 1.5.0]:

  • [DELETED].

[Release 1.4.2]:

  • Fixed player crashing on server upon equipping Pearl of the Void.

[Release 1.4.1]:

  • [DELETED].

[Release 1.4.0]:

  • Changed the way Charm of the Treasure Hunter and Will of the Ocean apply Night Vision effect to ultimately prevent rendering issues. Deprecated related config options;
  • Changed the wording of Etherium Armor tooltip. Since obviously it remains unobvious for some people out there;
  • Implemented Astral Breaker;
  • Implemented Keystone of The Oblivion;
  • Optimized capabilities registration for curios;
  • Changed the way of collecting experience orbs by Scroll of Ageless Wisdom, now calls .onCollideWithPlayer() method similarly to Dislocation Ring;
  • Implemented bonus recipes for more effective wool dyeing.

[Release 1.3.4]:

  • Fixed generating tridents within every single chest in underwater ruins;
  • Fixed receiving Fearsome Vengeance advancement when beheading a Wither Skeleton ordinarily, without holding Axe of Executioner;
  • Fixed dupe with Dislocation Ring (critical in multiplayer);
  • Implemented config option for inverting Shift behaviour of Magnetic Ring and Dislocation Ring;
  • Implemented config options for controlling the duration of Night Vision effect applied by Charm of the Treasure Hunter and Will of the Ocean.

[Release 1.3.3]:

  • Fixed crash with LivingExperienceDropEvent handler;
  • Magnetic Ring and Dislocation Ring no longer work if player cannot pick up attracted/teleported items due to having their inventory full.

[Release 1.3.2]:

  • Angel's Blessing is no longer capable of redirecting Wither skulls;
  • Wither Skulls shot by Heart of Creation now explode after existing for 20 seconds. They are also no longer removed upon world reloading, do not destroy blocks that are supposed to be indestructible and raytrace for target within 128 blocks distance, instead of previous 64;
  • Etherium Scythe can now till dirt and grass blocks in 3x3x1 area;
  • Added Ice, Packed Ice and Glass to the list of effective materials for Etherium Pickaxe;
  • Added config option to disable generation of Etherium Ore as dungeon loot in End Cities;
  • Replaced temporary texture of The Architect's Inkwell.

[Release 1.3.1]:

  • Fixed server crash upon any player opening Anvil (issue #6).

[Release 1.3.0]:

  • Increased attack cooldown of Axe of Executioner to that of a regular sword;
  • Implemented Etherium, alongside with tools and armor made of it;
  • Implemented The Architect's Inkwell and Lore Fragment;
  • Implemented proper exception handling in onPlayerJoin event (related to issue #5);
  • Expanded immunity list of Heart of Creation and added active ability, also changed it's tooltip to have more correct wording and be more similar to other spellstones;
  • Heart of Creation and Gift of the Heaven now compensate mining speed penalty while in the air;
  • All curios in the mod changed so that player cannot equip duplicate trinkets. Mainly affects rings;
  • Significant optimizational changes into functional implementation of config;
  • A bunch of new config options;
  • Implemented config versioning;
  • Added some new advancements;
  • Added Russian localization.

[Release 1.2.2]:

  • Fixed broken code of PacketHandleItemPickup.

[Release 1.2.1]:

  • Updated to Forge 28.1.0.

[Release 1.2.0]:

  • Implemented advanced potions and related Astral Dust;
  • Potions of Haste are merged into advanced potion system instead of being presented as separate items;
  • The One Box now has the ability to simulate loot generation in 32768 instances, printing the results to log file;
  • Changed Scroll of Postmortal Recall to create newly implemented PermanentItemEntity instead of regular dropped item;
  • Fixed inevitable crash when on server startup with the mod, due to attempts to use client-only classes on server side (issue #2);
  • Fixed crash caused by renamed method for getting persistent entity NBT (issue #3);
  • Implemented update notifications;
  • Additional logger output;
  • Overall cleanup.

[Release 1.1.0]:

  • Fixed Mending Mixture recipe returning empty glass bottles. Now repair recipe it is used in does this;
  • Pearl of the Void no longer harms other bearers of the pearl;
  • Will of the Ocean will now consume experience from Scroll of Ageless Wisdom, if player has one equipped and if there is enough experience stored in it;
  • Removed ability to open Ender Chest inventory by simply right-clicking with Ring of Ender, without equipping it and using keybind;
  • Fixed fatal error appearing when player dies while /gamerule keepInventory is set to true;
  • Some cleanup in lore functions;
  • Implemented config file;
  • Default cooldown of active ability of Eye of Nebula increased to 3 seconds;
  • Default cooldown of active ability of Angel's Blessing increased to 2 seconds;
  • Default mining speed boost from Charm of Treasure Hunter decreased to 50%.

[Release 1.0.1]:

  • Changed effects of Recall Potion and Scroll of Postmortal Recall so that they will return player to obsidian platform if they are in the End;
  • Fixed bug with Extradimensional Eye not checking the dimension it is bound to;
  • Fixed bug with players loosing unlocked Curio slots upon death;
  • Attempt to fix new dungeon loot not generating in some cases.

[Release 1.0.0]:

  • Initial release.


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