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[Forge] Entity Texture Features [V4.2]-[1.18.2]



Update summary:

ETF v4.2 has added many additional non OptiFine texture properties to further vary textures with, as well as adding properties that can vary the way the entity itself is rendered, such as brightness level, ambient particles and translucent rendering.

4.2 also includes many bug fixes and suggestions that have popped up since I left on holidays. I hope you enjoy :), and thank you for over 2 million downloads!!!


  • added texture property angry, used like other OptiFine properties, can be true|false. works only for Endermen, Blazes, Guardians, Vindicators and Evokers. Triggers when these mobs display their client side 'angered or attacking state' (open mouth for endermen & blazes igniting)
  • added texture property moving, used like other OptiFine properties, can be true|false to vary texture based on whether a mob is moving or not.
  • added texture property items, used like other OptiFine properties, can be either:
    1. none(true if mob is holding or wearing no items)
    2. any(true if mob is holding or wearing any items)
    3. holding(true if mob is holding any items)
    4. wearing(true if mob is wearing any items)
    5. a list of item names like minecraft:book or cool_mod:sunglasses, separated by spaces.
  • added a new property type "Entity Property" to tweak entity rendering within the .properties file, they are not numbered like the other OptiFine properties e.g skins.1
  • added entity property vanillaBrightnessOverride: can be set as a number from 0-15, this overrides the brightness of the mob, it can be used to reduce the brightness of mobs like Blazes and Allays, or increase the brightness of others.
  • added entity property suppressParticles: if set to true will remove ambient particles from mobs (currently only Blazes and Glow Squids)
  • added entity property showHiddenModelParts: if set to true will enable the rendering of model parts normally hidden in vanilla (currently only zombie piglin right ears)
  • added entity property entityRenderLayerOverride, shader compatibility will vary, the possible values for this property are:
    1. translucent (allows partial transparency in entity rendering)
    2. translucent_cull (allows partial transparency in entity rendering & culls model faces)
    3. end_portal (looks like the end portal effect, added for fun cause it works)
    4. outline (renders the entities outline through walls)
  • extended shader support code to include the Iris forge port Oculus, this should improve z-fighting and support the new compatible emissive render mode.
  • added Compatible emissive rendering mode. This mode uses the Bright emissive rendering mode normally and automatically changes to, the more shader compatible, Default / Dull emissive rendering mode when shaders are enabled. To have the best of both worlds.
  • added compatibility warning to disable skin features with the impersonate mod present
  • added emissive and random texture support to saddles (supports pigs, horse-mobs and striders)
  • added further support for some older OptiFine format biome names using PascalCase to be auto converted to the modern snake_case biome names (e.g. MushroomFields becomes the correct mushroom_fields automatically)


  • updates russian translations thanks to @Felix14-v2
  • improved block entity code, this should improve compat with armor stand affecting mods (like quark) as armor stands are no longer used as a substitute entity
  • tweaked button scaling to center themselves in larger gui scales
  • tweaked some gui button positions
  • removed compatibility warning that disabled block entity features with the quark mod present, issue has been fixed.

fixed: several additions listed above fix several issues however some more minor fixes include:

  • fixed quark incompatibility with ETF block entity features
  • fixed ETF settings button appearing on data pack selection screen
  • fixed additional textures (e.g. sheep fur or villager types) having their variant overridden by the mobs base texture even if they have their own .properties file
  • fixed compatibility with the disguised heads mod and skins with etf features not changing (skin features will not display on disguised players :/)
  • fixed player skin enchanted visuals being brighter than vanilla
  • fixed keyboard navigation in the ETF settings gui (currently just ESC key to go back)


entity_texture_features_forge_1.18.2-4.2.0.jar (326.34 KiB) Primary Download