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[ETF] Entity Texture Features 5.2.1



  • fixed Image is not allocated. crash related to armor rendering
  • added a printout to the right click debug to tell users where the .properties and variant files can go, useful for modded entities.
  • slightly tweaked sleeping detection for blinking
  • fixed a crash related to unexpected null values #234
  • fixed _eye textures not variating correctly since v5.0
  • fixed the nose button getting stuck in a loop in the skin settings
  • fixed a crash when removing skin features in the skin tool
  • added an emissive setting to disable Armor & Trims as it has been known to have issues with modded armors and requires future reworking

[5.2] with the new optimizations in how properties work now I don't need to worry too much about adding too many of them, that being said, I've added a bunch of new properties mostly introducing some external non-entity values. Such as irl time & date, and language based localization. Allowing seasonal entity variation, or language variations for any text in your textures.

  • fixed player emissives breaking with bright render mode
  • tweaked mob spawner code
  • added the isSpawner property which is true if the entity is a miniature mob inside a spawner block
  • the color property now also reads modded entity colors if the entity extends VariantHolder<T> with T being either DyeColor or an Optional<DyeColor>
  • the profession property should work for all modded mobs implementing VillagerDataContainer
  • added the following irl time & date properties hour,minute,second,month,year,monthDay,weekDay,yearDay. they are all numeric integers and support ranges e.g. "0 2 4-7". hour,minute,second will update over time, the others will only be set when the entity spawns. hour is in 24-hour format, 0 - 23. weekDay starts with sunday which is 1 up to saturday at 7. month starts with january which is 0 up to december at 11. yearDay is 1 - 366. monthDay is 1 - 31. april fools is thus month=3, monthDay=1,The Christmas to new-years period is month=11, monthDay=25-31
  • added the dimension property, which takes in a list of strings, or regex: or pattern:, and will be true if matching the entities current dimension. Vanilla dimensions are overworld, the_nether, the_end. Modded dimension names are entirely up to whatever the mod maker set them to be, expect mod_name:dimension_name. If you start the property text with print: it will work as normal but will also print the found dimension, to help with discovering modded dimension names.
  • added the language property, which takes in a list of strings, or regex: or pattern:, and will match to the users chosen in-game language to facilitate the localization of textures if desired. default is en_us and corresponds to the ??_?? format language code of the games language files. Helpful if your texture or model includes text for some reason.
  • added the light property, which takes a list of integers and support ranges e.g. "0 2 4-7", and matches it to the light level of the block the entity is standing on 0 - 15, -1 will be returned if there is some error. This property updates over time. An example use could be differentiating aggressive or passive spiders.


entity_texture_features_neoforge_1.20.2-5.2.1.jar(446.35 KiB) Primary Download

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