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[ETF] Entity Texture Features 4.5.1



  • fixed painting variants only working in the vanilla directory and not the optifine/etf folders
  • reverted some changes to pattern string comparisons as the OptiFine doc was incorrect compared to actual OptiFine behaviour
  • fixed a crash related to pattern string comparison handling changes in 4.5.0


  • added more code to support EMF

  • added a new logo

  • added support for random & emissive painting textures

  • added support for emissive armor trims the same format as OptiFine (note this seems to break if iris and 3d skin layers are both installed, no idea why, it also fixes itself if a mob in the background is wearing the same trim, I'm tired of pulling my hair out about this so this is just how it will be for now)

  • added support for armor trim overrides (e.g. the texture "textures\trims\models\armor\coast_redstone.png" will override the autogenerated trim if present)

  • added support for end crystal random and emissive textures

  • added an option to enable extra warden textures like the heart to apply to the entire model

  • textures ending with numbers now use the separator "." like OptiFine for variants (e.g "mob4.png" now variates with "mob4.2.png")

  • Animatica textures are now detected and prevent certain ETF actions that could break these textures (MoreMcmeta was already supported)

  • added new ETF skin feature to allow/prevent transparency for your skin specifically, plus general improvements to skin transparency handling.

  • added new ETF skin feature variant of the villager nose setting that can use a custom texture set in the skin, instead of the default villager.

  • updated the api url when used in skin features

  • improved the handling of "_eyes" textures

  • tweaked the skin tool failure dialogue to be more informative and helpful

  • tweaked warning messages and added some

  • tweaked the resource-pack screen etf button

  • fixed biome property breaking when using "CamelCase" instead of "snake_case"

  • fixed size property being off by 1 when compared to OptiFine

  • fixed name property not working for players usernames

  • fixed custom ETF cape textures not working with physics mod capes

  • fixed 3D skin layers mod emissive body pixels with skin features

  • tweaked some en_us translations

  • fixed 2 forge crashes

  • fixed pattern & ipattern to correctly match the OptiFine behaviour


entity_texture_features_fabric_1.19.3-4.5.1.jar(444.26 KiB) Primary Download

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