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[ETF] Entity Texture Features 6.0


  • added support for the iris distant horizons beta
  • fixed emissive textures breaking in the gui with ImmediatelyFast installed
  • fixed the blocks property not correctly reading/expecting block states
  • fixed the name property not checking for single names with spaces in them comprised of the entire test string
  • completely redid the config gui to be data driven and more user-friendly
    • ETF, EMF, and ESF will now share the same config gui collectively called "Entity Features settings"
    • added a new per entity settings screen that allows you to override the settings for specific entity types
    • added a Random properties settings screen that allows you to enable/disable, modify, and read the documentation of specific random properties. This will also list any properties added via ETF's API.
    • improved many gui elements adding sliders, changed setting highlighting, and text displays for more user-friendly settings
  • fixed the name property not reading player usernames
  • added the following random properties: (primarily for use in player EMF packs)
    • isCreative - true if the entity is in creative mode
    • isTeammate - true if the entity is a teammate
    • isClientPlayer - true if the entity is the client player
    • variant - moved from EMF into ETF
    • modLoaded - works like name but matches against the mod id's loaded by the modloader
  • the blocks property now updates over time by default (OptiFine parity)
  • fixed the nbt property still including the char type when testing nbt numbers i.e 1b instead of just 1
  • fixed many minor issues
  • fixed blocks property and added blockSpawned property to be identical but spawn condition locked by default


entity_texture_features_forge_1.20.1-6.0.jar(538.3 KiB) Primary Download

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