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3.0.0 - 1.20-1.20.2


Finally got around to getting FastQuit 3.0.0 out of beta!

  • rewrote config system (now uses Cloth Config API)
    • if you are updating from 2.x or older you will have to reconfigure your FastQuit options
  • added a new option "Allow multiple running Worlds", if disabled you won't be able to join a new singleplayer world until the one in the background has finished saving
    • this is to prevent some mod conflicts and will automatically disable itself when an incompatible mod is detected
    • fixes an issue with Quilt Standard Libraries
  • added some new translations:
    • Estonian (thanks Madis0)
    • Traditional Chinese (thanks notlin4)
    • Ukrainian (thanks BurrConnie)
    • Vietnamese (thanks ImVietnam)
  • updated some translations:
    • Simplified Chinese (thanks GodGun968)
    • Italian (thanks Oondanomala)

Please note that some of these translations were made before newer updates and might be incomplete.


fastquit-3.0.0+1.20+.jar(77.45 KiB) Primary Download

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