Find My Quests (for Pixelmon)

Find My Quests (for Pixelmon)


Never lose track of a quest ever again, by finding it somewhere else!

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Find My Quests - a lightweight Pixelmon addon to shift lost quests to new nearby NPCs!

Ever been playing Pixelmon, completing quests, but you just can't find the NPC again in order to hand in that crucial task? This addon solves this problem!

Find My Quests causes NPCs to acquire quests you have active, but where the NPC for them isn't nearby - allowing them to always be handed in no matter what happens to the original quest giver.

Powered by Atlantis. Required for both server and client installations. Is not required on clients if installed on the server, however!

Performance options, as well as the ability to set quest reallocation behind a permission node, can be changed by editing the configuration file in the ./config/findmyquests folder.

Made for Pixelmon.

For help, and to view my other mods/plugins, feel free to join my Discord here!


/findmyquests reload - findmyquests.admin - Reload Find My Quests' settings.

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