Fabric Waystones 3.0.7 - MC1.19.3


  • Added Ukrainian translations (thanks Altegar)
  • Added Japanese translations (thanks PExPE3)
  • Made it so that players get unmounted from the mob they're riding (if any) when teleporting
  • Added toggle button for the search autoselect
  • Potentially fixed some TPS issues when teleporting
  • Fixed the wrong Waystone button being clicked when clicking on the edge of 2 buttons
  • Made it so that the search filter type gets saved when closing the Waystone GUI
  • Added a new search option: "subsequence search", which filters out Waystone names as long as all the letters of the original search are found (in the same order, with any other letters inbetween)
  • Fixed Waystones taking forever to break and not dropping anything
  • Added config option for generated Waystones (eg. village Waystones) to not be breakable
  • Shift-hovering over Waystone names now shows the dimension they're in
  • Both the top and bottom part of the Waystone should now be selectable in spectator mode


wraith-waystones-3.0.7+mc1.19.3.jar(391.87 KiB) Primary Download

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