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Fabric Waystones

A better way of transport

Client and server MagicTransportationUtility

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  • Updated to 1.19.3
  • Fixed crash with JourneyMap with empty Waystone names
  • Fixed Local Void animation breaking after 1st use
  • Added recipe advancements and better recipe book integration (thanks Leeo97one)
  • Some Waystone screen QoL improvements (thanks gliscowo)


  • Exposed some fields in WaystoneStorage (for easier mod compat)

This version could break existing worlds that were made with older versions of Fabric Waystones

  • Change ID to fwaystones
  • Backported a lot of 1.19+ features
  • Updated Korean translations
  • Fixed waystone list not syncing when joining a server
  • Fixed global waystones not being toggled by waystone owners
  • Fixed void totems
  • Fixed local void and void totem animations
  • Slightly tweaked some textures
  • Added Korean translations
  • Migrated configs to owo-config -> this means modmenu support -> also added/tweaked some of the configs
  • Made pinlib an optional dependency (for vanilla map markers)
  • Fixed permissions for forget all command
  • Removed annoying discord link
  • Updated to 1.19.2
  • Fixed Journeymap compat issues
  • Added action bar errors when player doesn't meet teleport requirements
  • Added dimensions (from & to) blacklists config option
  • Removed duplicate logic when breaking Waystones (fixes lag when breaking Waystones with JEI installed)
  • Improved random color generator
  • Fixed crash with scrolls
  • Re-added JourneyMap compat
  • Improved random color generator
  • Fixed broken itemGroup translation key
  • Fixed crash with scrolls

This version is not compatible with pre 1.19 worlds.
If you want to convert your world, use v2.6.0-convert:

This version is for converting your old Fabric Waystones worlds (pre 1.19) to the new format used in v3.0.0 of the mod and onwards.
While it does work as a standalone version, it is recommended to move to v3.0.0 as soon as possible.
If you are playing on new worlds, you can skip this version completely.
Using this version on a world with Blay's Waystones will most likely break things

Some code refactor, potentially increasing performance on servers.

  • Fixed issues with JourneyMap support on multiplayer
  • Added commands for forgetting/deleting waystones
  • Added JourneyMap integration
  • Added config option for adding waystone structures to structure pools
  • Added command for forgetting all waystones /waystones forget_all
  • FIx Vanilla Hammers duping waystones
  • Added config option for pre-defined number of waystones per village
  • Added new item: Void Totem
  • Fixed console spam when generating villages
  • Removed an error that occurs when the server is crashed
  • Fixed player-desync when teleporting to different dimensions
  • Fixed nether village structures from Repurposed Structures
  • Added new config options. Non-OP players being able to make waystones global and consuming Local Void on use
  • Fixed some issues with text colors
  • Added "cooldown" config options
  • Added option to "unbind" local void by shift-right clicking
  • Added config for making local voids free
  • Made "waystone debugger" show player info on player-click
  • Fixed search sometimes not working
  • Fix Repurposed Structures Mountains Village waystone structure generation
  • Fixed some potential crashes
  • Added Russian translation
  • Fixed lootable console spam
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to rename waystones
  • Fixed rendering issues when going back from the config menu to the waystone list
  • Fixed waystones always being added to villages (even with the config option set to false) with Repurposed Structures installed
  • Old (pre2.2.0, inactive) waystones now get marked as active when opening them
  • Fixed village waystones getting overridden by bountiful structures

  • Added new waystone types:

    • Red Desert Waystone
    • Nether Brick Waystone
    • Red Nether Brick Waystone
    • Blackstone Waystone
    • Deepslate Waystone
    • End Stone Waystone
  • Changed the way repurposed structures support is handled. Support only works for RS 2.5.5+

  • Added new types of village structures for:

    • Desert villages
    • Badlands villages (repurposed structures)
    • Jungle villages (repurposed structures)
    • Mountain villages (repurposed structures)
    • Crimson villages (repurposed structures)
    • Warped villages (repurposed structures)
  • Improved the language files. Players can now fully customize messages.

  • Added "Active" and "Inactive" state to waystones (based on if the waystone has an owner)

  • Fixed potential issues with waystone blockStates (desyncs, options resetting, etc.)

  • Added config option for preventing non-owners from breaking waystones

  • Removed recipes from config (Use existing methods such as data packs or KubeJS)

  • Waystones can now be placed above Y=255 (if the world limit allows it)

  • Added waystones debugger item

  • Putting vines on waystones while in creative mode no longer consumes item

  • Old converted waystone data now gets renamed to "old_id_converted.dat" so it doesn't get loaded every time
  • Added progress printing in the console for converting old waystone saves
  • Increased the number of displayed waystones from 3 to 5 in the waystone GUI
  • Added support for 2 new village types in RepurposedStructures (thanks TelepathicGrunt)
  • Fixed bugs with waterlogging
  • Added hunger as a cost option (options: "hunger", "saturation")

--> Refer to https://github.com/LordDeatHunter/FabricWaystones/issues/58 for more details

  • Re-added "store_waystone_data_on_sneak_break" in configs
  • Fixed backwards compatibility