AquaGTS (for Pixelmon)

AquaGTS (for Pixelmon)


The most feature-rich and customizable GTS for Pixelmon!

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Created5 months ago
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AquaGTS, the most feature-rich and customizable Global Trade System, Auction House, and Sell to Server for Pixelmon!


Highly customizable to meet your server's specific needs, AquaGTS includes all three of a Global Trade System, for selling or trading of items and Pokémon, an Auction House, for running auctions of items and Pokémon, and a Sell to Server, for getting rid of items and Pokémon immediately for money.


Default configuration provides examples of setting up everything, from an example of how min/max prices work, to Discord webhooks for various events, to the tooltips and click actions of listings and auctions.


If they are not wanted, the aspects of the mod can be individually toggled off, not forcing you or your server into using a feature you don't require.


Supports both flatfile and database storage natively, with other storage options possible via extending the Atlantis storage API.


For commands, permissions, and more in-depth assistance, please join my Discord here. Using features of your permissions plugins, such as /lp verbose for LuckPerms, is ideal for finding out permissions, given server software can cause these to change.


Powered by Atlantis.


Made for Pixelmon.

For help, and to view my other mods/plugins, feel free to join my Discord here!

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