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Complete rewrite of the mod AE2Things, a port of ae2stuff.

Uses Quilt.

There may be new features, or not.

Why a rewrite?

We wanted it to work with 1.19.2, but then we realized it barely worked anyway, and the code was insufferable.

No offense, we wanted to contribute back to the codebase, too.

What the heck even is this name

The name is in Toki Pona.

The reason for this is that we couldn't find a name similar to AE2Things or ae2stuff, the only words left are like, thingies or shit and we'd rather not call it ae2shit.

So we asked a person who knows of Toki Pona about naming, they told me a bit about how Toki Pona grammar works, and we ended up with ijo pona poki.

  • ijo - thing
  • pona - good
  • poki - container/box/storage

So, quite literally, "thing good storage," or good things about storage.

Differences and Contents

Cut Content

  • The bigger cells.
    • We don't see a reason to add them, some of them already overlap with the new AE2's introduction of 256k cells, and then there are many other mods adding bigger ones.

Crystal Growth Chamber

Now acts as an easy one-block solution of growing Certus Quartz.

However, there are some caveats.

Fortune Upgrades

An upgrade for the Crystal Growth Chamber, improves yields, but increases resource usage.

Might work on this in the future.

Advanced Inscriber

Literally: Inscriber that holds a stack instead of a single item, and has more slots for acceleration cards.

Also inserts the output to the ME System directly; this is an ae2things feature that we simply copied over -- not sure whether to keep it or not.

DISK - "Deep Item Storage disK"

We're not sure how the original was designed, but here's the specification of a DISK:

  • Only items allowed.
    • (obviously)
  • No types, you can store all items equally.
    • (This is identical to AE2Things)
  • 1K, 4K, 16K, 64K are in multiples of 1000, instead of 1024.
    • aka: a 64K ae2 cell has 65536 bytes, but a 64K DISK only has 64000.
    • (This is identical to AE2Things)
  • However, each item takes up one byte.
    • compared to ae2 cells, which can hold 8 items in one single byte: bad! if you want bigger storage for a fixed set of items, prefer the ae2 cells!
  • Expensive
    • Expensive. (This is identical to AE2Things)
  • The biggest DISK is only 64K
    • Due to balance reasons, there won't be bigger DISKs.
  • Portable DISKs
    • They only have 1/3 the bytes compared to normal DISKs
    • Backpack anyone?


The original AE2Things mod, for the art, concepts and namesake.

The original ae2stuff mod, for concepts and namesake.

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