A dynamic lights mod for Fabric.

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A dynamic lights mod for Quilt and Fabric.

📖 What's this mod?

It's dark outside, extremely dark... You can't see a lot in the darkness, you wish you had a torch, or a lantern to hold and see in the light...

And this is now possible with this mod as it adds dynamic lights to the game. You can see in the darkness thanks to your torch now!

This mod adds dynamic lights to Minecraft. Dynamic lights are lights created by an entity holding an item which makes light as a block, or created by an entity on fire, etc.


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✅ Features:

  • Dynamic lights.
  • Settings to select how smooth the dynamic lighting is.
  • Works with some modded items.
  • Any entity holding an item which emits light will emit light!
  • Magma cubes emit light.
  • Spectral arrows emit light.
  • Burning entities emit light.
  • Blazes emit light.
  • Some items like torches, soul torches, etc. will not light up in water.
  • Quick and simple API for developers.
  • And more!


Items emit light

Dropped items which already emit light as a block, will also dynamically emit light!


Held items emit light

Light is emitted when entities hold light emitting items.

Fox holding lantern

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Any entity on fire will emit light!

Skeleton on fire!

Spectral arrows

Spectral arrows will emit a very weak light!

Spectral arrows

Different luminance!

Light emitted from items depend on the light emitted from their respective blocks!

light levels

Configuration GUI

As of v2.1.0.

Configuration GUI Entities Configuration

📖 Usage

Using this mod is very simple!

Install it in your mods folder along with Fabric API and ModMenu, (and Sodium if wanted for better performances).

You will notice nothing at first but if you go into the video options or into the settings screen of the mod via ModMenu, you will notice an option called Dynamic Lights which is by default off, choose the wanted configuration and enjoy! You can also configure the mod by editing the file in config/lambdynlights.toml.

Need help? Come check out my Discord server.

📖 How does it work internally?

Check this documentation.

📖 Is there an API? How to use it as a developer?

Check this documentation.

📖 Compatibility

  • Sodium is recommended for better performances.
  • Canvas is compatible but still WIP: expect huge lag spike with it until a proper lighting API is done in Canvas.
  • OptiFabric is obviously incompatible.

Please, when you write the name of this mod, don't add spaces.

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