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Mega Evolve, Primal Revert, Dynamax and more all outside of battle!


This is a lightweight mod which adds Pixelmon move skills/external moves for out-of-battle Mega Evolution, Groudon/Kyogre Primal Reversion, Necrozma Ultra Burst, Zacian/Zamazenta Crowned, Meloetta Aria/Pirouette, Greninja Battle Bond, Aegislash Shield/Blade, Zenith Marshadow, Xerneas Active, and Zygarde Complete, as well as one for Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing/Eternamaxing!


Simply wear the appropriate ring, send out your Pokémon, choose the move skill from the move skills menu (default B), and use the move skill (default G) and watch them change form!


For servers, the added move skills can be turned off, or put behind permissions, by editing the configuration file located at ./config/megaevolve/config.json.


Powered by Atlantis. Required for both server and client installations. Is not required on clients if installed on the server, however!


Made for Pixelmon.

For help, and to view my other mods/plugins, feel free to join my Discord here!

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