Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.15.2 - 0.8.0




  • Improved the guarding for grab abilities with sound and visual effects, split in 3 types of guarding:
    • Using a shield, uses vanilla effects for it
    • Using a guard-like ability, such as Tekkai, using new particles and sound effects
    • If the target's hardening haki is stronger than the attacker's, new particles and sound effects, different from the guard-like ability ones
  • Certain Zoan transformations are now unable to mount boats / animals
  • All zoans wider that the player itself got step assist buffs to allow them to more easily move
  • Giant zoans got buffs for fall resistance meaning less fall damage
  • Added more animations and effects for multiple abilities, both new and old
  • Explosions will no longer be able to destroy blocks or hurt entities behind barrier blocks (both vanilla and bari ones)

Mini Mini no Mi

  • Mini Mini - Makes the user small
  • Paper Float - Passive that lets the user float while holding a piece of paper

Hiso Hiso no Mi

  • Animal Forewarning - Allows the user to communicate with animals and learn about weather changes
  • Lookout - Allows the user to communicate with animals and learn what players passed near them
  • Animal Friend - Tames all the nearby tameable entities (even if they're already tamed)

Kobu Kobu no Mi

  • Shourei - Massively boosts all nearby friendly entities stats

Ori Ori no Mi

  • Same as before it was removed but the bars are now temporary and the user can pass through them without removing them first

Sube Sube no Mi

  • User cannot be handcuffed (except with kairoseki)
  • Sube Sube Spur - Lets the user slide on ground as if it were ice
  • Sube Sube Deflect - Defensive ability, sliding hits from the user

Bara Bara no Mi

  • Immune to swords and generally slashing attacks
  • Bara Bara Ho - Launches the user's fist, increasing its damage if the user holds a weapon
  • Bara Bara Festival
    • Has 2 modes, Attack and Shield, changes between them by crouching and using the ability
    • Attack Mode - Splits the user's limbs from the body swarming the user's target constantly dealing damage and slowing down the target
    • Shield Mode- Splits the user's limbs which start swarming around the player increasing their defense, attacking nearby enemies and knocking them back
  • Kuchu Kirimomi Dai Circus - Allows the user to grab the target with both hands and move them wherever they want around them
  • Bara Bara Car - Turns the user's body into a car that goes brrrrr
  • Bara Split - Allows the user to split its upper and lower body flying with around with the upper part while the lower part follows them on ground

Hana Hana no Mi

  • Dos Fleur: Clutch - Sprouts two hands on the enemy and bends them backwards breaking their bones
  • Seis Fleur: Slap - Slaps the enemy pushing them a few blocks back
  • Seis Fleur: Twist - Twists the enemy around confusing them temporarily
  • Veinte Fleur: Calendula - Uses the newly sprouted arms as a shield to partially block attacks
  • Cien Fleur: Wing - Allows the user to glide using arms sprouted in the shape of wings
  • Cient Fleur: Stomp - Stomps the ground nearby the user using giant legs
  • Mil Fleur - While active transforms "Dos Fleur: Clutch", "Seis Fleur: Slap" and "Seis Fleur: Twist" into their respective "Mil Fleur" counterparts increasing their potency and making them area of effect instead of single target

Jiki Jiki no Mi

  • Attract - Attracts all nearby magnetic objects (items, both on ground and in nearby inventories, entities made out of or plated in iron) towards the user
  • Repel
    • The opposite of Attract
    • If used while Punk Gibson is enabled it'll launch it dealing damage based on how big that is
  • Punk Gibson - Uses magnetic items from the user's inventory to create a large arm, increases attack and reach of the user and can be used together with Repel or Damned Punk
  • Punk Pistols - Uses magnetic items from the user's inventory to form iron spears and shoots them
  • Damned Punk
    • Can only be used while Punk Gibson is enabled
    • Transforms the iron arm into a railgun shooting projectiles formed from magnetic items from the user's inventory
  • Punk Corna Dio - Creates a metal bull from the magnetic items in the user's inventory, dealing damage, knockback and potentially stunning enemies after dashing towards them

Karu Karu no Mi

  • Inga Zarashi - Increases your physical prowess depending on how much Karma you have taken
  • Karma (hidden passive) - Store the damage received, shows a new gauge next to the combat bar with how much Karma is stored.

Mega Mega no Mi

  • Mega Mega - Makes the user big and applies some physical buffs as well (giant race simulator)

Mane Mane no Mi

  • Mane Mane Memory
    • Allows the user to memorize any player they've hit, while this ability is in use the user will change their appearance to that of the memorized player.
    • Crouching + using the ability will switch between all the memorized targets

Oto Oto no Mi

  • Bon - The user plucks a string created from their arm, creating a sound wave that internally damages all who hear it
  • Don - The user plays the drum, creating a explosion inside all who hear it
  • Shan - The user turns their head into a cymbal, by pushing their own head they create a sound shockwave powerful enough to internally cut any entity hearing it
  • Oto's abilities are all linked (meaning they can't be used at the same time), they do come with a relatively low cooldown (3s) with each ability having a specific trait, Shan deals the least a mount of damage but applies a DoT on all the targets, Don has middle of the road damage and greatly pushes all targets away and Bon just deals the most damage with no secondary effects

Sai Sai no Mi

  • Rhino Zoan, comes with both Animal and Hybrid forms, both focused on defense with slower but more powerful attacks
  • Rhino Smash (Passive) - Running into enemies will deal damage and knockback on them
  • Horn Dash - Regular dash attack

Sara Sara no Mi, Model: Axolotl

  • Axolotl Zoan, comes with both Animal and Hybrid forms
    • The Animal form focuses on regeneration and speed due to its small size but its quite weak
    • The Hybrid form focuses on strength but also comes with some regeneration
    • Both forms will suffocate if they stay on land for too long, 2.5 minutes for the Hybrid form and 5 minutes for the Animal form
  • Poison Spit - A projectile that slightly poisons the target
  • Axolotl Heal - Grants regeneration to all nearby friendly entities based on how many other axolotls are around the user
  • Play Dead - While playing dead (unable to move / see) the user focuses all of their power in their regeneration
  • Heart Regen (Passive) - Allows the user to regrow a heart in case it was stolen by Ope's Mes

Zou Zou no Mi, Model: Mammoth

  • Mammoth Zoan, comes with both Animal and Hybrid forms, with both of them focusing on damage dealing and higher defense at the expense of movement and attack speed
  • Ancient Sweep - Hits all enemies in front of the user knocking them back
  • Ancient Stomp - Stomps the ground around the user creating shockwaves that damage and confuse nearby enemies
  • Ancient Trunk Shot - Hits using the trunk, has some knockback
  • Trample (Passive) - Deals damage and knockback to all enemies that stand in front of the user while they're running, damage and knockback increase with speed. Also destroys surrounding plantlife

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Allosaurus

  • Allosaurus Dino Zoan, comes with both Animal and Hybrid forms, focused on attack and defense
  • Ancient Tail Spin - Hits all enemies around the user knocking them back as well
  • Ancient Bite - Bites the enemy

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon

  • Pteranodon Zoan, comes with both an Animal and Hybrid, focuses on speed and flying
  • Barizodon - Shoots out a barrage of elliptic air projectiles using the user's wings
  • Tankyudon - Temporarily increases the user's speed allowing them to grab entities and dragging them with them in the air
  • Tempuraudon - Stretches its head back, releasing it really fast and acting as a sniper

Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus

  • Brachiosaurus Zoan, comes with both an Animal and Hybrid, focuses on attack and defense
  • Brachio Bomber - Dives from a high place and lands on his opponent, crushing them under the user's weight
  • Brachio Grab - Grabs an opponent and squashes them

Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Leopard

  • Leopard Zoan, comes with both an Animal and Hybrid, focuses on speed and some attack
  • Ferocious Leap - Leaps forward and damages all nearby targets after landing
  • Claw Strike - Punch ability

Kame Kame no Mi

  • Turtle Zoan, comes with both Animal and Hybrid forms, both focused on high defense
  • While sneaking in the Animal form (also called Guard Point in game) the user will retract inside their shell increasing their defense even more

Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix

  • No longer uses hunger for its abilities
  • Added Fujizami - While midair, the user forms a protective swirl of fire in front of them capable of blocking most attacks
  • Added Flames of Regeneration as a passive ability
    • Acts like a temporary Logia Invulnerability
    • Will partially protect the user from incoming damage and passively heal them over time
    • If too much healing is applied in a short period of time the reserve of blue flames will temporarily be exhausted and both the protection and healing will stop
    • Reserves are passively gained
  • Phoenix Goen
    • Increased damage (from 8 to 10 per shot) and range
    • Can also be used while in full form now
  • Blue Bird
    • Decreased its charge time from 4s to 2s
    • Decreased its cooldown from 15s to 8s
  • Flames of Restroration turned into Saisen No Hono, works the same but has the additional effect of healing nearby friendlies as a secondary use. The cooldown increases based on how many friendly entities it heals
  • Tensei no Soen
    • Increased its damage from 25 to 50
    • Increased its range from 24 blocks to 30 blocks

Magu Magu no Mi

  • Removed the passive that allowed users to view through lava temporarily until a better solution is found that wont lag when first eating the fruit
  • Magu abilities will no longer fully bypass armor
  • Meigo
    • Reduced its damage from 160 to 100
    • Increased its cooldown from 25 to 30
    • Adjusted its speed so it actually travels the appropriate amount of blocks it should instead of like 15 blocks
  • Dai Funka
    • Reduced its damage from 85 to 55

Goro Goro no Mi

  • Lightning based attacks will no longer paralyze the enemies
  • Removed Shinzo Massage
  • Goro Goro no Mi users will no longer be able to use Observation Haki indefinitely
  • Spark Step:
    • Reduced maximum teleportation distance to ~100 blocks
    • No longer damages and sets fire the target it teleports next to
    • Transformed into a temporary chargeable (can be canceled early) ability instead of instant one
  • Raigo
    • Increase cooldown to 70s (up from 40s)
    • Overall nerfed the size and destruction caused by raigo (damage reduced from about 420 to 200, explosions reduced to about half the original size)
    • Transformed it into a chargeable ability (5s charge time)
  • Kari
    • Can no longer move while charging
    • Decreased the damage to 40 (after full charge) instead of 60
  • Sango
    • Heavily reduced the number of blocks it can destroy
  • Volt Amaru
    • Can only be used while the Tomoe Drums are equipped
    • Comes with a bunch of generic buffs for punch range, damage, knockback resistance and hp
    • Buffs El Thor and Sango

Kilo Kilo no Mi

  • 5000 Kilo Punch
    • New ability, reduces the movement speed of the player while active and delivers a strong punch

Gomu Gomu no Mi

  • Stretching projectiles now use the player's skin
  • Added Bouncy passive - The user will bounce instead of full stoping when landing
  • Can no longer activate all of Gomu's Gears at the same time
  • Gear 4th will now use a new model and have a the proper haki markings on it instead of the generic full body overlay
  • Gomu Gomu no Rocket
    • Slightly changed into a cancelable timer before shooting and floating in place for better aim (similar to how teleport based abilities work)
    • While Gear 4th is activated Rocket turns into King Kong Gun
  • Gomu Gomu no Bazooka
    • Updated its visuals

Kage Kage no Mi

  • Nightmare Soldiers - Charges up an army of nightmare soldiers by using shadows available in the user's inventory up to 10 soldiers
  • Kage Kakumei - Now used solely to plant Shadows into others boosting their stats.
  • Shadow's Asgard
    • Slightly upgraded form of the old Kage Kakumei
    • While enabled the user will constantly consume Shadows from their inventory for stat buffs, the more shadows the user consumes the larger in size they will grow and higher the buffs will go.

Suna Suna no Mi

  • Flying is no longer slowed down while in Desert or Beach type biomes
  • Flying outside those biomes will now be only 7% slower than creative flying speed (instead of 10% slower)
  • Doubled the height you can fly up to (from 20 blocks to 40 blocks high)

Hie Hie no Mi

  • Ice Block: Avalanche
    • Increased its cooldown from 12s to 18s
    • Reduced its damage from 80 to 50
    • Fixed its hitbox especially when the elevation between the projectile and nearby targets differs

Moku Moku no Mi

  • Doubled the height you can fly up to (from 20 blocks to 40 blocks high)
  • White Grab
    • Grabs whatever entity it hits and drags it along

Mero Mero no Mi

  • Slave Arrow
    • Reduced its charge time from 7s to 3s

Yami Yami no Mi

  • Black Hole now works more like Ice Age where it spreads the darkness from the player's position outwards instead of instantly spawning it

Ito Ito no Mi

  • Added Fullbright - Throws 5 strings that impale the target from above
  • Torikago
    • Increased its maximum size from 50 to 60

Gasu Gasu no Mi

  • Updated Gastille's visuals with a beam like projectile
  • Doubled the height you can fly up to (from 32 blocks to 64 blocks high)
  • Shinokuni
    • New form, comes with physical buffs
    • Uses whatever potion the user is holding at the time of transformation and turns it into a constant AoE for the duration of the transformation

Yomi Yomi no Mi

  • Decreased the Freeze effect's time for both abilities from 5s to 3.5s
  • Made it the same size as the normal player

Goe Goe no Mi

  • Todoroki
    • Updated its visuals with a beam like projectile
    • Transformed it into a normal ability instead of repeater
    • Also increased its size and damage from 12 to 15 and made it pierce through entities
  • Dragon's Roar
    • New ability that creates a series of shockwaves

Sabi Sabi no Mi

  • Rust Touch now uses the new #mineminenomi:rusty tag to determine what items it can break
  • Added Rust Break - Small area of effect ability that rusts and destroys all iron based blocks from where the player is looking (also uses the #mineminenomi:rusty tag but for blocks instead of items)
  • Added Rust Skin - Sabi's protective passive turned into an actual passive that can be paused

Doru Doru no Mi

  • Candle Champion - Allows the user to cover their entire body with wax forming a battle suit. Increases the player's stats like armor, reach, attack power and speed, as well as makes its user immune to knockbacks.
  • While Candle Champion is active the following abilities will get buffed:
    • Candle Wall and Candle House both get 2 extra layers of wax
    • Doru Doru Ball is twice as strong
    • Candle Lock affects the target for an additional 5s and its collision size is also increased
    • Doru Doru Arts: Mori transforms into Champ Fight, using this ability now launches several fists towards the opponent instead of just 1 spear
  • Doru Doru Arts: Pickaxe will now instantly destroy wax blocks
  • Doru Doru Arts: Mori
    • Reduced its cooldown from 8s to 4s

Zushi Zushi no Mi

  • Jigoku Tabi
    • Increased its range from 12 to 24

Noro Noro no Mi

  • Noro Noro Beam will also slow down the abilities the targeted user has, this includes cooldowns, charging time and continuous time.

Wara Wara no Mi

  • Burning or throwing the Doll in fire will no longer insta kill its owner

Yuki Yuki no Mi

  • Abilities will now state in their description if they'll apply frostbites effect
  • Made fubuki cover the entire ground in snow not just the edge
  • Replace the Snow Block with a custom Hardened Snow block for their abilities, this new block is harder to break and more resistant to explosions
  • Can now freely move through these new Hardened Snow blocks

Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: Giraffe

  • Made Bigan a punch ability and increased its damage from 22 to 25

Kuku Kuku no Mi

  • Made Gastronomorph a 3s charging ability that slowly turns the ground into sponge cake instead of instantly

Ope Ope no Mi

  • ROOM
    • No longer requires food to maintain
    • Lowered the time it takes to spawn a fully charge ROOM from 3s to 2s
    • Increased ROOM's maximum size from 32 to 45
  • Counter Shock
    • Increased its damage from 24 to 40
    • Also has a decent knockback now
  • Shambles
    • Instantly activated (no longer a charging ability)
    • Can switch positions with blocks (obviously if the block is inside ROOM)
    • Will no longer go into cooldown if no valid target was found
    • Crouching while activating the ability will shuffle everybody inside the ROOM except the user
  • Gamma Knife
    • Increased its damage from 50 to 70
  • Takt
    • Reworked (again), will pick up blocks and entities from the the point where its user looks at

Kachi Kachi no Mi

  • Vulcanization
    • New ability that coats the user's body providing a lot of extra armor
  • Hot Boiling Special
    • Deals 20 damage per hit instead of 10
  • Evaporate
    • Will now melt nearby ice when used
    • Will correctly remove kelp and seagrass when evaporating water

Gura Gura no Mi

  • All abilities can now hurt logias by default with the exception of Shingen no Ichigeki which still requires hardening haki to hit them
  • Shingen no Ichigeki
    • Crouching + Use will slam the user's fist into the ground causing an area of effect knockback
    • Increased damage from 15 to 40
    • Will cause slight dizziness after getting hit
    • Damage will ignore armor
  • Gekishin
    • Lowered its charge time from 3s to 1s
    • Increase its cooldown from 12s to 20s
    • Increased its projectile's size
    • Stabilized its damage to 70 instead of it decreasing over distance
  • Kaishin
    • Lowered its charge time from 5s to 2s
    • Same projectile changes as with Gekishin but its projectile lives for half the time the Gekishin one does
  • Shima Yurashi
    • Increased the destruction area
    • Increased its base damage from 20 - distance to 80 - distance (further away enemies will receive less damage down to a minimum of 60)

Swordsman Abilities

  • The 25% extra damage with swords is now applied to all swords not only the mod ones
    • This comes with the slight visual problem of not having the full damage shown in the item's tooltips, now the damage seen there is the item's damage and below them you'll be able to see a "Swordsman Bonus applies" written in green

Brawler Abilities

  • Suplex
    • Lowered cooldown from 12s to 7s
    • Lowered the charge time from 2s to 1s
    • Improved the grabbing area to be more reliable
  • Spinning Brawl
    • Reduced its cooldown from 40s to 12s
  • Genkotsu Meteor
    • Reduced the cooldown of its normal mode from 6s to 3s and for its Ryuseigun mode from 12s to 10s
  • Hakai Ho
    • Increased its damage from 10 to 15

Black Leg Abilities

  • Extra Hachis
    • Will now use the player's texture
    • Increased its damage from 2 to 8 in normal mode and from 4 to 10 during Diable Jambe
    • Also made it a bit easier to avoid the full 20s iframe after hitting an entity by reducing their iframe to only 5s when hit by Extra Hachis
  • Skywalk
    • No longer scales based on doriki, starts with 6 jumps

Medic Abilities

  • Medic Bag Explosion
    • Reduced its cooldown from 50s to 40s
    • Can now be used while holding the medic bag as well as while having it equipped
  • Doping
    • Reduced its cooldown from 40s to 25s


  • Geppo starts with 3 jumps instead of 2 and its progression will happen much faster, unlocking all 6 jumps at 6000 doriki now instead of 10000 doriki
  • Rokuogan
    • Transformed into a Trigger ability, which means it can be used any time by punching the air or an enemy
    • Will shoot a projectile instead of hurting all nearby enemies
    • Increased its cooldown from 10s to 50s
    • Increased its damage from 30 to about 60
    • Increased its unlock requirements from 7000 doriki to 9000 doriki

Fishman Karate

  • Karakusagawara Seiken
    • Transformed into a Chargeable ability, with a 2s charge time
    • Increased its damage to 50 (up from 30) for entities in water and 20 (up from 15) for entities on ground
    • Will full bypass armor now instead of only 50%
  • Murasame
    • Increased the amount of projectiles being shot from 3 to 5 and decreased the time between they're shot from 0.25s to 0.15s
    • Increased damage to 15 per projectile while in water
  • Yarinami
    • Increased its damage from 20 to 30 and 40 while in water
  • Uchimizu
    • Increased damage to 3 per projectile while in water

Cyborg Abilities

  • Ultra Cola bottles will now increase the maximum cola with 20 instead of 15, also increased the maximum number of Ultra Cola bottles that can be consumed from 10 to 20, increasing the maximum amount of Cola to 500 instead of 250 and up to 900 when equipping the Cola Backpack
  • Cola Bottles will now replenish 25 cola instead of 15
  • Cola Backpack will now replenish cola every second instead of every 2 seconds
  • Cyborgs will now keep half of the Ultra Colas they've drank through death instead of losing them all
  • Radical Beam
    • Updated Radical Beam's visuals with a beam like projectile
    • It will now pierce through blocks and entities
    • Lowered its cola requirement from 50 to 30
  • Strong Right
    • Decreased its cooldown from 12s to 5s
    • Increased its damage from 18 to 20
  • Coup de Boo
    • Consumes only 20 cola instead of 100
    • Lowered its cooldown from 15s to 10s

Mink Abilities

  • Abilities no longer require a hunger level of above 6 to use and abilities no longer consume hunger when used
  • Abilities no longer scale with doriki
  • Removed the weakness effect while in hot biomes allowing Minks to at the very least damage enemies even in a weakened state
  • Eleclaw
    • Can be used by Gomu Gomu no Mi users
    • Eleclaw no longer damages the user if they're only partially in water (being fully under water however will still damage and deactivate the ability), this damage will also be constant now instead of increasing with the player's doriki
    • Increased the attack speed it gives as a bonus and increased the punch damage dealt while its active
    • Has a chance to paralyze the target
  • Electrical Missile
    • Stabilized its damage to 20 from the previous 10/18 (min/max doriki) and 40 from the previous 10/22 during Sulong
  • Electrical Luna
    • Lowered the charge time from 3s to 1s
    • Lowered cooldown from 16s to 10s (5s while in Sulong)
    • Stabilized its damage to 30 from the previous 0.1/12 (min/max doriki) and 60 from the previous 0.2/16 during Sulong
  • Electrical Tempesta
    • Lowered its cooldown from 12s to 8s
    • Lowered its charge time from 4s to 1s
    • Stabilized its damage to 20 from the previous 0/12 (min/max doriki) and 40 during Sulong (previous damage did not change based on Sulong activation)
    • Stabilized its range as well to 10 blocks and 20 during Sulong
  • Electrical Shower
    • Can be used without Sulong being active, will gain a bonus in damage like all other abilities during Sulong
    • Lowered its cooldown from 22s to 12s
    • Lowered its charge time from 8s to 3s
    • Stabilized its damage to about 30 per lighting bolt from the previous 2/6 (min/max doriki) and 40 from the previous 2/8 during Sulong

Haki Abilities

  • Imbuing Haki will now apply a visual overlay for all items and block incoming item damage for them
  • Imbuing Haki can be trained by killing stuff with non-swords again
  • Overall increased the amount of time players can hold Haki abilities active without received debuffs by about ~30% (probably more considering the changes below but this aint a math course so you'll only get approximations here)
  • Increased the haki overuse healing which also increases more linearly with the player's haki now
  • Increased the healing frequency as well from 3s to 1s

Items & Blocks

  • Added the following new weapons:
    • Ace (sword)
    • Mogura (trident)
    • Nonosama Trident (trident)
    • Walker (pistol)
    • Dalton's Spade (sword)
  • Renamed Bo Staff into Nonosama Staff
  • Added the following clothes:
    • CP9 Set
    • Smoker's Set
    • Kuma's Set
  • Lowered the Sniper's Goggle's armor to only 1 armor
  • Increased the armor of Medic Bag and Cola Backpack to 3
  • Increased the Kairoseki Block's hardness
  • Killing a handcuffed enemy will now drop the handcuffs used instead of destroying them


  • "Combat Bar Pickup" client option was moved to the common config
    • In short lines this means that servers will have absolute control over if a player can/cannot pickup items while the combat bar is open
  • "Days for Inactivity" config option now allows for a 0 input, which will disable the option
  • Added the missing option for "Keep Loyalty" and "Percentage of Loyalty kept after death" for "Stats to Keep", similarly loyalty will get halved after death with the default AUTO config
  • "Native Haki" config option
    • Enables vanilla and other modded entities to hit logias based on their attack power, on easy and normal difficulties all entities with attack damage 7 or above will be able to hit logias, on hard the threshold is lower to 5 attack damage and above
    • Alternatively it allows entities with above 5000 doriki to hit logias as well, this is done to allow server owners to spawn entities either manually or automatically with a high enough doriki to bypass logia invulnerability without removing it entirely
    • Do note that this option is only for vanilla and entities from other mods! Players and Mine Mine no Mi entities will still use the old logic for their haki!
    • Spawning an entity with enough doriki can be done like so:
      • /summon minecraft:zombie ~ ~ ~ {ForgeCaps:{"mineminenomi:entity_stats": {doriki: 5000}}}
  • "Randomized Fruits" config option
    • All fruits will receive a random texture and get their name changed to a generic "Devil Fruit" name
    • A Devil Fruit Encyclopedia item can now be found in random chests containing a random amount of information about fruits in the world helping players decide what to eat
    • Similarly "Devil Fruit Clues" can be found in structures that contain one or more details about a specific fruit completing the encyclopediae you currently posses
    • While this config is enabled fruits will not be available as search results in the creative menu

Quests / Trials

  • Improved the reliability of Timed Kill Objectives (stuff like "Kill x in y seconds")
  • Item objectives will no longer require the players to drop items and pick them up back for them to count


  • Grunts will not have a 1/10 chance to not get scared by strong players
  • Lowered the threat threshold by which grunts treat players as danger and start running but also randomzied it a bit so some grunts will run while others will keep fighting


  • Switched Haki Ranks Initiate and Beginner with Beginner now being the 1st and Initiate being the 2nd rank
  • Pressing the Player's Screen key ( R by default ) while in the Player's screen will now close the screen, and if pressed while in of the sub screens (abilities, crew, challenges etc) it'll redirect to the player's screen
  • Bullets and Kairoseki Bullets recipes will now give 4 bullets instead of 1
  • The /check_player command will now display the cola and max cola levels for cyborgs and the issued bounty along with the player's bounty for pirates/revolutionaries



  • Continuous abilities will no longer reset their timers when you equip another ability
  • Kachi's Evaporate will no longer work on lava
  • Fixed a bug where punch abilities with effects would still apply the effect on players using out of body abilities
  • Fixed a bug where damage received from Straw dolls or Hearts would get negated by armor like abilities (like tekkai)
  • Fixed a bug where Straw dolls would break before its owner dies resulting in their straw doll never resetting
  • Fixed the death screen message showing an unlocalized "death.attack.ability" message instead of the actual death message
  • Fixed a bug where beam like abilities (including gomu's new stretching projectiles) would spawn inside the player resulting in them not being visible in 1st person view
  • Fixed Ice Block Avalanche not fully dropping on the ground sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where removing devil fruits via /removedf would not remove the attributes modifiers given by the fruit's abilities resulting in permanent (until death) stat increase
  • Fixed a bug where Devil Fruits could be stored on Armor Stands if they were spawned with arms
  • Fixed Hibashira's weird hitbox sometimes not hurting targets inside it
  • Fixed Jujika's particles not correctly rotating based on the player's rotation
  • No longer able to transform back into human in spaces where there's not enough space (used mostly by transformations that are smaller than the player itself like Mogu)
  • Fixed Wax Clones, Doppelman, Black Knight and Mirage Tempo Clones having hearts or shadows
  • Fixed ability overlays (such as Hardening Haki ones) being offseted when the player is equipped with the Pirate Captain Cape while also having a Jolly Roger on its back
  • Fixed projectiles being able to go through Barrier blocks (both vanilla and bari ones) anymore
  • Fixed Evaporate not removing Kelp
  • Fixed Coup de Boo not ignoring fall damage
  • Fixed a bug that would render both Mera and Magu without their fire immunity until death if their shadow is taken once


  • Player placed poneglyphs will now have a random challenge on them
  • Fixed the weird hitbox on Fighting Fishes
  • Fixed a bug where Devil Fruit items would have a bigger hitbox than necessary while One Fruit per World is config option is enabled
  • Fixed more edge cases for One Fruit per World
  • Fixed a bug where players would stop gaining loyalty despite all the conditions being met
  • Fixed a bug where using the /check_player command on a Revolutionary player would return an "unexpected error" in the chat
  • Fixed Doku Doku no Mi not being registered to any box
  • Fixed the Sniper Goggles' default model showing the lowered eyes despite the ability not being active
  • Fixed a bug where Bounty Hunters would get attacked by Marines
  • Fixed the /ability unlock_group command not working with zoans due to special characters in their names
  • Fixed Devil Fruit reincarnation not working
  • Cannons will now correctly drop the cannon and/or gunpowder loaded into it (if any)
  • Lots of minor fixes that nobody cares or remembers about

Known Bugs

  • Using the slim model (Alex) will result in some Bara Bara no Mi and Hana Hana no Mi models to not render the limbs correctly
  • Bara Bara Ho doesn't actually display a weapon when shot
  • Certain animations (particularly some of the ones where the user body rotates) might not correctly sync with other players
  • Any and all bugs related with Challanges since that entire system is gonna change soon:tm:
  • Some transformations will visually remove armor pieces or other elements added by mods (such as Mink features) even if they are not supposed to be (such as Tori and Ptera hybrids)
  • Removing Hito Hito no Mi after eating it doesn't change your race back


mine-mine-no-mi-1.15.2-0.8.0.jar(15.55 MiB) Primary Download

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