Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

Created2 years ago
Updated7 months ago

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.15.2 - 0.8.1





  • Fixed equipped punch abilities triggering together when one of them is used
  • Fixed a bug where Phoenix users would be able to eat multiple fruits without dying (they still wouldn't gain the abilities it was purely being able to eat the fruit and not die)
  • Fixed armor still showing up while flying using Special Fly passive (Moku, Suna and Gasu flying)
  • Fixed Doru Doru Arts: Mori maintaining Champ Fight's cooldown
  • Fixed an issue regarding the Swordsman's bonus which would get added in the sword's NBT data each time the player would select the item sometimes resulting in client disconnects due to the large nbt data
  • Gear Fourth will now correctly display the head skin overlay
  • Fixed ROOM's cooldown not being shown when letting it charge to maximum after it first charged only partially
  • Ability Projectiles will now pass through Sunflower like they do with other types of flowers / grass
  • Fixed Haoshoku Haki being instantly removed when a worthy player would join the world with any of the RANDOM variants of the config option
  • Fixed Mini Mini users getting damaged in tight spaces with solid blocks above while in multiplayer
  • Fixed Spring Hopper users maintaining their bouncyness after using /removedf while the ability is active
  • While using Paper Float the player's armor will now correctly move according to how the arms / legs move
  • Fixed Mane Memory not working correctly
  • Fixed Allosaurus Heavy form only rotating the player's body instead of the whole model when using Ancient Tail Spin
  • Fixed Bara Bara no Mi users being unable to interact with the world while Bara Split was active


  • Lowered the distance treasure maps will search for buried treasures to avoid MC-126244 in case Islands is not installed (Islands implements this fix as well)
    • If the issue will persist the only real fix is just removing treasure maps entirely and avoid them searching for buried treasures!
  • Fixed the intentional crashes caused by incompatibilities like 0.8.0's incompatibility with Obfuscate. However while this will allow you to play the game, it might also cause unexpected behavior, in case of Obfuscate for example some animations will no longer work (a good example of this is Injection Shot). So we're trading some extra compatibility for the possibility of some smaller features not working partially or fully
  • Fixed Devil Fruits having the hex color as a name and showing what kind of fruit it is in the tooltips while on server if the client does not have the config option enabled
  • Fixed some potential exploits regarding Randomized Fruits config option
  • Fixed the combat bar button remaining "stuck" if the user held an ability for too long
  • Fixed a stacking bug for dropped items
  • Fixed an issue where joining a server that used a different "Ability Bars" config option from the player's config would result in the combat bar being partially unusable


mine-mine-no-mi-1.15.2-0.8.1.jar(15.6 MiB) Primary Download

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