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Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

Created2 years ago
Updated7 months ago

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.16.5 - 0.9.2



Items & Blocks

  • Keys will now unlock both types of Handcuffs

New Clothing Items

  • Killer's mask
  • Sabo's hat
  • Law's pre-timeskip hat
  • Tricorne (dyeable)
  • Doflamingo's Glasses
  • Doflamingo's Coat (dyeable)
  • Sengoku's pre-timeskip seagull hat
  • Mihawk's hat

Quests / Trials

  • Removed the first objective of the third Swordsman trial requiring an Unbreaking I sword


  • Slightly increased the speed of Yagara Bulls while in water


  • Renamed "Structures" category to "World Features"
  • Merged "World Features" with the old "Ores" category which only holds the kairoseki configs
  • Merged "Crews" and "Bounty" into "Factions"
  • Cleaned up a lot of old "Can X happen" configs, most already had % configs which would naturally imply that it cannot happen if the % is 0
  • Removed the "Special Flying" config option as you can now ban the flying move instead
  • New "Ability Bars on Screen" option (client-sided), read more about it down below
  • Removed the "FOV Remover" client sided option since now Minecraft has its own "FOV Effects" option under Video Settings.

Cloth Config Integration

  • In-game config screen accessible from the Mods menu when Cloth Config is also installed
  • All configs available in easy to understand (I hope) format via buttons, sliders and text fields


  • More work towards the future API
  • Capped the minimum haki exp gains to 0.001 since the exponential nature of them lead to such small values that people thought it got stuck at 99
  • Updated some loot pools here and there, overall increased the % chance for boxes, clues and encyclopediae to spawn (last two only spawn when the Random Fruits option is enabled)

Combat Bar

  • For the sake of simplicity and user friendliness combat bars will now be labeled starting from 1 instead of 0
  • Hovering over the equipped abilities will also display their tooltips now
  • Can now show multiple bars each with their own keybind based on a client sided config
  • It follows the Ability Bars config of the server, so the user cannot have more bars than the server allows for
  • Allows for up to 3 bars shown at once
  • Different keybindings will get displayed in the Controls menu when the config has more than 1 bar set and each slot can have its own keybind
  • Important Note: At the moment using a Shift + 1-8 keybind will result in abilities that use Shift for their alt modes to not change modes correctly, instead the ability keybinded will activate.



  • Fixed certain abilities (like Impact Blast or Damned Punk) spamming the chat when equipped
  • Fixed entities no longer getting slowly sunk in darkness and suna's sand
  • Fixed the body left behind by abilities such as Yutai Ridatsu, Yomi no Reiki or Bara Split not using their owner's stats (mostly for hp / armor but all of them will be used now just to be safe)
  • Fixed Allosaurus' heavy transformation not having a texture when using Black Leg
  • Fixed some Zoans that would receive more fall damage than they're intended to, most notably Leopard, Axolotl and Allosaurus, but others got slightly adjusted as well
  • Noro Slowness effect will now correctly change the followings:
    • Visual speed of swings
    • Cooldown speed of items
    • Swimming speed
  • Fixed certain abilities (such as Concasse or Hiryu Kaen) never getting their effects triggered upon landing when activated while the user's in water
  • Fixed Barrier Crash spawning in ground
  • Fixed Baku Cannon always saying you don't have enough blocks
  • Fixed Torikago walls not dealing damage
  • Fixed a bug for Out of Body abilities (such as Yomi no Reiki or Yutai Ridatsu) where activating it while in a vehicle (boat or horse) above water would soft lock the player as a ghost under water until opening the abilities menu
  • Fixed Continuous and Chargeable abilities not getting canceled while using Out of Body-type abilities
  • Fixed explosions and certain AoEs damaging friendly entities (this indirectly means NPCs won't start attacking each other anymore)
  • Also fixed abilities such as karu's karma or phoenix's special defense getting triggered by friendly damage
  • Fixed an issue with Zushi Zushi no Mi's Abare Himatsuri where it would allow the user to continue flying inside ability protected areas
  • Fixed Fullbody Haki not scaling with the config limit nicely
  • Fixed players being able to escape Kurouzu using jump-based abilities
  • Fixed Hito Daibutsu's model clipping through the ground
  • Fixed Failed Experiment not working


  • Fixed a crash caused by trying to unlock challenges
  • Fixed Haoshoku Haki Unlock Logic not working on COMBINED for non-haoshoku-born players
  • Improved some animations accuracy in extreme fps cases (both super low and unlimited)
  • Fixed the 3rd Doctor trial not mentioning it needs splash potions for its objective
  • Fixed the 4th Art of Weather trial not registering the Thunderlance kills
  • (Hopefully) Fixed couple of incompatibilities:
    • Pekhui
    • Tombstone
    • Werewolves
    • Probably others that never got reported too
    • More testing will be required by the community at large to cover all possible cases however at a first glace they don't crash anymore so that's nice.
  • Different from the above but still an incompatibility of sorts, fixed torohealth bars not being in sync with the player's actual HP
  • Fixed Sea King meat consuming 2 items instead of 1
  • Fixed Buster Call crashing
  • Fixed Dial enchantments not overriding in levels and fixed materials still getting consumed if max enchantment level was reached
  • Fixed a bug where Trainers would sometimes not spawn correctly in the world
  • Fixed a bug where inviting a non-Pirate player in your crew would not actually change their faction to Pirate
  • Fixed "Keep Stats After Death" option not working correctly on CUSTOM
  • Added Sorcery Clima Tacts to Traders as a fix for potentially losing the one you get from the final trial (not a permanent fix but just something to allow weather wizards to get it back)


mine-mine-no-mi-1.16.5-0.9.2.jar(16.06 MiB) Primary Download

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