Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

Created3 years ago
Updateda year ago

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.16.5 - 0.9.4




  • Added configurable ability descriptions via language files
  • Improved ability descriptions by including more info regarding requirements for activation (such as equipment, materials etc), range of the ability, alternative modes either manually or automatically triggered and reworded some of them to better describe the ability
  • Ability descriptions will now mention the ability's id at the very bottom if the "Advanced Tooltips" debug feature is enabled (this is a vanilla feature that you can enable by pressing F3 + H)

Kage Kage no Mi

  • Added extra checks to make sure you can't take the same player's shadow before 10 minutes pass
    • This is to fix an exploit where players would respawn with a new shadow and Kage users would be able to kill them for an infinite amount of shadows
  • Tsuno Tokage
    • Made its hitbox bigger (this obviously fixes the issue of it hardly ever hitting too) and updated its model
    • Reduced its cooldown 13s → 10s
    • Increased its distance from 32 → 64 blocks, however in return it will now fail instead of spawning midair
  • Brick Bat
    • Increased its damage 2 → 5 (per projectile)
    • Reduced its cooldown 8s → 5s
  • Black Box
    • Increased its duration 8s → 10s

Magu Magu no Mi

  • Ryusei Kazan
    • Will now shoot projectiles further and with gravity when pointing the camera upwards

Ope Ope no Mi

  • Room
    • Removed the central invisible block as it was no longer needed

Ito Ito no Mi

  • Fullbright
    • Increased its damage area
  • Parasite
    • While in Torikago it will now use the cage's center instead of the player's position, meaning the entire cage will now be correctly affected by it
  • Tamaito
    • Increased its speed 2 → 4
    • Increased its damage 10 → 15
  • Torikago
    • Removed the central invisible block as it was no longer needed

Jiki Jiki no Mi

  • Reworked its resource requirements to be quality based rather than quantity, this means that iron nuggets will value less than iron ingots which will value less than iron blocks, obviously resource requirements for each ability changed due to this as noted below (note that since its a different system I won't be noting the old values, as they're irrelevant)

    • Item list is obviously too long to list here, but worth noting is that a nugget is 0.1, an ingot is 1, and a block is 10, with all items being calculated based on their recipes or just approximation numbers based on similar items
  • Item loss amount is inversely proportional with the item's value, this means that items with a lower value will break more often than items with a higher value

  • All item values can be changed via a datapack or by simply editing the file for it. Adding new items from outside vanilla / the mod is done like that as well

    • Note that this is a different thing from the "magnetic" tag, this is still needed for attract/repel abilities to work
  • Added a new gauge icon displaying the total resources you currently have in the inventory

    • Its a passive in the UI so it can be disabled if you don't like / want this
  • Attract

    • Lowered its cooldown 5s → 3s
  • Punk Pistol

    • Requires 5 resources per projectile (30 in total)
    • Will also fire correctly the number of projectiles available and stop if resources are depleted instead of requiring the full amount
  • Punk Corna Dio

    • Requires 160 resources to activate
    • Damage increased 90 → 100
  • Damned Punk

    • Requires 15 resources per projectile
    • Increased the time it stays active 15s → 25s
    • Reduced its cooldown 25s → 20s
    • Increase the projectile's speed 3 → 7
    • Increased the projectile's damage 40 → 60
    • Projectiles can now pass through multiple targets
  • Genocide Raid (NEW)

    • Uses 20 resources and launches them at a target which will continue to deal damage for 5s
  • Punk Cross (NEW)

    • Uses 50 resources to generate a cross-like structure stunning the target inside of it for 15s

Yami Yami no Mi

  • Black Hole
    • Caches what blocks were absorbed and pass it to Liberation
  • Liberation
    • Blocks placed by it will now much better match the blocks absorbed by Black Hole
    • Blocks will be shot up when pointing the camera upwards with gravity

Doku Doku no Mi

  • Poison blocks
    • Changed the logic on how Poison blocks are destroyed, very very small performance increase from this.
    • Increased the time they stay on ground
    • Added some particles when they break
  • New Doku Poison effect, basically stronger version of the vanilla Poison
  • Venom Road
    • Can now summon up to 3 roads which will persist for ~1 minute after being spawned
    • If used when near a road it'll start moving through that road until its endpoint
    • If a 4th road is summoned the first spawned one will disappear and so on
    • Reduced its cooldown to 4s
  • Hydra
    • Increase its size and hitbox with it
    • Increased how much it stays alive 15 → 30 while in Normal mode and 25 → 40 while Venom Demon is active
    • Added bunch more effects when it hits a target such as movement slowness, mining fatigue and confusion, lowered their individual timers however 25s → 20s
    • Increased its speed while Venom Demon is active 2 → 4
  • Venom Demon
    • Hitting enemies while in this form will give them Poison
    • Slightly increased their reach
  • Doku Gumo
    • Increased its range 8 → 10 while in Normal mode and 12 → 20 while Venom Demon is active
  • Chloro Ball
    • Will explode when on fire, spreading the poison further than normal

Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model Pteranodon

  • Beak Grab
    • Split this from Tankyudon as its own ability
    • Will no longer deal damage to the grabbed target
    • Increased the time it can stay active 10s → 15s
  • Pteranodon Smash
    • Removed, or I guess technically merged with Tankyudon as it was just its clone
  • Tankyudon
    • Will now act as a pure damage dash-type ability since no more grabbing
    • Deals damage to all nearby entities and since there's no grab mechanic it can do so multiple times
    • Increased its damage 8 → 10
  • Tempuraudon
    • Increased its damage 35 → 50
    • Increased the AOE radius done when hitting a block instead of an entity 4 → 6

Tori Tori no Mi: Model Phoenix

  • Flames of Regeneration
    • Will go on a small 5s cooldown after getting fully depleted, during which it won't heal, block damage nor restore its energy.

Suna Suna no Mi

  • Reduced all of its cooldowns by 20% while in desert
  • Abilities will now consistently use the Dehydration effect instead of the Hunger one
  • Grande Sables
    • Player will now turn invisible while active
  • Grande Desert Espada
    • Actually got named "Espada" instead of "Spada"
    • Will now spawn a sand blade from the ground where the user is looking instead of shooting a projectile
    • Reduced its damage from 85 → 60, increasing to 70 while in desert
  • Barjan
    • Turned into a dash, otherwise acts like the old projectile where it dehydrates all entities it touches

Pika Pika no Mi

  • Yasakani no Magatama
    • Lowered its spread by about 33%

Bane Bane no Mi

  • Spring Hopper
    • Will no longer stop after getting hit

Hana Hana no Mi

  • Campo de Flores (NEW)

    • Big AOE that damages and sends all enemies in it flying while also partially stunning them

Sabi Sabi no Mi

  • Will properly block and negate damage from most of Jiki's abilities now

Noro Noro no Mi

  • Noro Noro Beam Sword
    • Will now correctly apply the special Noro Slowness effect instead of the vanilla one

Yomi Yomi no Mi

  • Removed its permanent max saturation state, meaning its phoenix-like auto healing is gone
  • Will no longer be able to run on top of lava

Neko Neko no Mi: Model Leopard

  • Heavy Point
    • Increased its passive damage buff 4 → 10
  • Walk Point
    • Increased its passive damage buff 3 → 6

Ryu Ryu no Mi: Model Allosaurus

  • Heavy Point
    • Increased its passive damage buff 5 → 9
  • Walk Point
    • Increased its passive damage buff 9 → 14

Sai Sai no Mi

  • Heavy Point
    • Increased its passive damage buff 4 → 6

Fishmen Karate

  • Yarinami
    • Increased its damage 30 → 50 outside of water and from 40 → 60 while the user's in water
  • Uchimizu
    • Damage increased 2 → 5 outside of water and 3 → 10 while the user's in water
  • Murasame
    • Damage increased 10 → 20 outside of water and 15 → 25 while the user's in water


  • Rokuogan
    • Reworked again, now its a punch ability, the explosion will happen from the punched target's back
    • Removed the little known fact that the shockwave's damage would decrease over distance, so now its damage is constant
  • Shigan
    • Damage increased 20 → 25
  • Rankyaku
    • Damage increased 30 → 40
  • Tekkai
    • New alt modes added, HEAVY mode will block your movement but its offers more protection, WALK mode allows you to move around but at a reduction protection
  • Soru
    • Transformed it into a small dash, each dash has a small 1s cooldown, after all bursts are used a 10s cooldown is started


  • Coup de Vent
    • Increased its damage 15 → 50


  • Spinning Brawl
    • Transformed into a Continuous Ability (blue instead of yellow)
    • Reduced the time it spins 5s → 3s
    • Can now be stopped mid execution
    • Will throw the grabbed target couple of blocks away after finishing
    • If the thrown target hits other entities in its path they will be damaged and pushed back as well
    • Increased the damage it deals to entities hit because of the spin 8 → 10 (so everything but the grabbed entity)
  • Hakai Ho
    • Increased damage 15 → 20
  • Genkotsu Meteor
    • Damage will now increase based on the user's damage
  • Jishin Ho
    • Damage will now increase based on the user's damage


  • /gorogue command now has an optional argument for the player you wish to turn rogue
    • Due to this it can now be used in command blocks as well
    • Worth noting is that the regular, /gorogue command can still be used by anybody, however the /gorogue <player> command needs permission level 2 to be used
  • /check_fruit now has a subcommand to only view one fruit entry instead of all of them
    • /check_fruit fruit <name> will only display the current info of the given fruit
  • /check_player now has an additional boolean flag, when enabled it'll show all the attribute modifiers the player has (so basically what buffs, debuffs a player's stat has)

Ability Protection

  • Reworked the entire command's usage and functionality, going forward they will be referred as "Protections" to make things easier for all of us.
  • Protections are now correctly generated per dimension and their middle block got removed
  • Each protection has a set of properties attached to them, aside from the old label property they are as it follows:
    • block_destruction
    • entity_damage
    • block_restoration
    • abilities_use
    • restoration_amount
    • restoration_interval
    • keep_stats
  • Each property handles one aspect of the protection, each can be toggled on/off individually for each protection
  • Added an info subcommand which lists all the properties of a given protection
  • As the name implies, yes, blocks inside protections will now regenerate when destroyed or replaced by abilities or explosions (mined blocks won't)
    • As a side note while the defaults are based on worst case scenarios and the max values are quite high, keep in mind large amounts of blocks being replaced too fast might cause lag if used all over the place, so please test and use them with care for a while until the system gets confirmed to be stable for medium to large servers. Do not abuse the amount/interval settings as they are not meant to replace large amounts of blocks in couple of seconds all over the world.
  • The abilities_use property is literally that, allows the use of abilities, no side effects, if you want player to be able to hurt each other using them, or if you want the ground to be destroyed/replaced by them, you'll have to enable those options as well, otherwise its just particle effects and animations wherever they exist
  • The keep_stats on the other hand will keep both the stats, inventory, xp and score of the player after death, will now however influence their spawn point
  • NBT data is preserved however inventories are not! If a lamp gets destroyed while powered, it will restore powered (together with the redstone powering it), however if a chest gets destroyed all of its contents will drop as normal, these items CAN get stuck inside the restored chunks depending on how the ground looks.
  • By default if a player is nearby the restoration area, it will be paused as to not suffocate or get them stuck, this is a global config
  • By default all areas will get a ~20s grace period before starting the restoration process, this is a global config
  • The view subcommand got reworked as well, instead of spawning client-sided blocks that will lag your game on protections larger than...10 blocks, a new system was implemented similar to how the vanilla world border looks, this loads blazingly fast compared with the old system.
  • There is an automated porting system in place, all the protections from your 0.9.3 world will get moved to 0.9.4 automatically, you'll notice a couple lines in your log file looking something like this:
    • [mineminenomi/MMNM]: Ported a protection area with its center at x y z

    • Obviously with x y and z being the actual coords where the protection is located


  • Added configs for Bounty, Belly and Loyalty multipliers, same deal as Doriki and Haki Exp
  • Added "Global Protection Restoration Grace" option, which controls the amount of time before destruction within a protection gets restored (assuming it can be restored)
  • Added "Stop Restoration Near Players" option, does what it names suggests, avoids players getting afk suffocated or stuck mid combat in restoring chunks of ground.


  • Cloud Blocks are now obtainable with Silk Touch, they're also correctly affected by pickaxes now instead of axes
  • Going in spectator mode will now disable all abilities
  • Handcuffs will now grant 5s of invulnerability after being applied, to avoid accidental deaths after capturing your target
  • Conduits will now damage Fighting Fishes correctly
  • Fighting Fishes will now swim away from Conduits or Kairoseki Blocks
  • Infinity, Multishot and Flame enchantments will now correctly work with all guns and slingshots
    • Quick Charge is specifically left out as there's no proper charging for guns and slingshots
    • Power and Punch already worked fine



  • Fixed Phoenix Goen not having any particles
  • Fixed the following transformations not going invisible with the player:
    • Phoenix Assault
    • Pteranodon Assault
    • Bara Car
    • Allosaurus Heavy
    • Spring Hopper
    • Punk Gibson
    • Damned Punk
    • Candle Champion
    • Shinokuni
    • Kame Walk
  • Fixed the Unconscious effect not correctly blocking entity AIs and it still rendering the entity as lying down even if the effect failed to apply (most notably with Ender Dragons and Withers which cannot be affected by potion effects)
  • Fixed Gasu's Koro being able to remove non-removable effects (such as frozen, or Noro's slowness)
  • Fixed Air Door resetting cooldowns when used and not working properly when given with /ability command
  • Fixed non-physical abilities triggering punch abilities
  • Fixed grab abilities from grabbing enemies through walls or from behind the user
  • Hopefully made Kumo no Sugaki and Slave Arrow less annoying visually
  • Fixed a small bug where Black World's pillars would sometimes spawn at the same position as the player or extremely close to them
  • Fixed an issue where Out of Body abilities would still allow the ghost form to catch fire and transfer that to the main body once the ability was turned off (does not apply to Bara Split since its still one physical body just split in two)
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would continue to target players while they're using Out of Body type abilities (does not apply to Bara Split since its still one physical body just split in two)
  • Fixed Takt not caring about ability protected areas
  • Fixed Doppelman and Black Knight abilities not removing their respective entities when entering an ability protected area
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to keep attributes given by certain abilities after stopping them
  • Fixed the following abilities from being unable to touch same faction entities despite being considered buffs/helping/non-damaging abilities
    • Pain Repel
    • First Aid
    • Doping
    • Healing Touch
    • Kenpopo
    • Mane Mane Memory
    • Saisei no Hono
    • Suke Punch
    • Tension Hormone
    • Chiyu Hormone
    • Ganmen Seicho Hormone
    • Straw Man
  • Fixed Jiki's Attract still attracting items imbued with haki or with kairoseki
  • Fixed couple of abilities causing nearby blocks to break when the user dies

One Fruit per World

  • Fixed some edge cases where reincarnated fruits would not update their status correctly when reincarnated in dropped apples resulting in potential fruit duping.
  • Fixed a bug where a fruit's status will not get changed after being destroyed by a cactus
  • Fixed statuses not updating correctly when using the creative inventory, such as getting items from it or using the "Destroy Item" slot to delete them
  • Fixed fruits being destroyed when opening Shulker boxes
  • Fixed being able to shift + right click a fruit into a container (was used for several exploits to fuck with a fruit's status)
  • Fixed a bug while the config is set to SIMPLE where fruits would not correctly change their state when picked up


  • Fixed bullets found in large marine bases not stacking with other bullets
  • Fixed the "Remove Y Restriction" config option partially relying on the client config instead of it being a fully server-sided setting
  • Fixed projectiles of whitelisted abilities still getting deleted in protected areas
  • Fixed the stats gained after killing a player not scaling nicely based on the "Keep Stats after Death" config
  • Fixed a bug where removing handcuffs would not remove the slowness effect as well
  • Fixed a crash when spawning a creeper with Senor Pink's bonnet
  • Fixed the Mob Rewards config not working
  • Fixed Wandering Traders not being classified as Civilians
  • Fixed a crash caused by NPCs using Busoshoku Haki
  • Items can now be correctly enchanted via the vanilla /enchant command as intended


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