Mine Mine no Mi

Mine Mine no Mi


An adventure focused mod inspired by the One Piece manga

Client and server AdventureEquipmentWorld Generation

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Mine Mine no Mi - 1.16.5 - 0.9.5




  • Grab abilities will now use the player's reach stat
  • Haki blocking mechanic added back and readjusted
    • Certain abilities will now make use of haki blocking, which compared the total haki of both entities.
    • If the difference is greater in favor of the one defending the block will have a 100% chance of succeed
    • If the difference is greater in favor of the one attacking the block will have a 0% chance of success
    • However if the difference between the attacker's and defender's exps are lower than 5 there will be a 95% chance for the block to succeed, the chance increased based on how close the difference is, meaning if both entities are on equal haki levels there will be a 97% chance of success (or 3% for the attack to connect in other words).
    • This translates to max exp too when both players will always be of equal exp
  • Following abilities received a default cooldown to avoid potential cases where they could be spammed
    • Sulong
    • Hibashira
    • Volt Vari
    • Kari
    • Gourmetamorphosis
    • Diamond Body
    • 1 Kilo Press
    • 10,000 Kilo Press
    • Yutai Ridatsu
    • Mil Fleur
    • Gear Second
    • Gear Third
    • Gear Fourth
  • The following Zoan models can now be mounted:
    • Bison Walk Point
    • Allosaurus Walk Point
    • Brachiosaurus Guard Point
    • Giraffe Walk Point
    • Mammoth Guard Point
    • Sai Walk Point
    • Zou Guard Point
    • As of right now only a single player can mount them, however this might be expanded in the future for big forms like Brachio, Mammoth or Zou

Ope Ope no Mi

  • Reduced the time of debuffs caused by damaging a player's heart from 12.5s to 2s
  • Mes
    • Will now make use of the haki block mechanic

Wara Wara no Mi

  • Straw Man
    • Will now make use of the haki block mechanic

Zushi Zushi no Mi

  • Jigoku Tabi
    • Will now apply the pressure at all times with the damage being dealt in bursts

Yomi Yomi no Mi

  • Kasuriuta: Fubuki Giri
    • Transformer into a teleport-like ability similar to Shi Shishi Sonson


  • Kami-E
    • Received new audio cues for when dodging attacks
    • Decreased the time it can be used from 6s to 4s
    • Increased its cooldown from 16s to 21s (after its full usage)


  • Spinning Brawl and Suplex will now apply the Dizzy effect on the target after the damage is dealt


  • Future Sight
    • Received new visual and audio cues for when its active and when the user gets hit, as well as for when the effect terminates (if overuse or protection limits are reached)
    • Changed its cooldown to be a base 5s cooldown with additional seconds being added based on the total protection it absorbed instead of based on how long it stayed active


  • Show Keybind
    • Client sided UI setting for showing an ability slot's keybind, enabled by default
  • While on servers, the client's "Ability Bars" config will act as a forced minimum of allowed bars
    • To give a proper example and better understand what this means, imagine you're on a server that allows 3 ability bars, however the 3rd is useless for you and you'd only want 2 of them, setting your Ability Bars config to 2 allows you to play only 2.
    • This only works if the client number is below the server, so if the server allows for only 3 but your config is set to 6 you'll still only get 3 bars


  • Added Japanese translation by lavender
  • Added text showing which keybind is used for each ability slot
    • Modifier keys will be displayed with a lowercase c, s or a before the key itself
    • If a keybind is not set correctly a flickering red ⚠ will show up
    • Similarly if a keybind is already in use (this means modifier, if it exists + key), it will have the same flickering effect and red text
  • Updated some crafting recipes as it follows:
    • Bullets recipe will now award 8 bullets instead of 4
    • Kairoseki Bullets recipe will now award 8 bullets instead of 4
    • Cannon ball recipe updated to just 4 cobblestone blocks placed in a 2x2 formation and will now award 4 cannon balls instead of 1



  • Destroying a heart while its owner is offline will now correctly kill them when they come back online instead of disappearing and leaving them with no heart
  • Letting a heart (or doll) naturally despawn while their owner is offline will now correctly restore their heart/doll whenever they come back online
  • Fixed a bug where destroying a heart would sometimes not fully kill players when their toughness / armor stats were too high
  • Similarly fixed a bug where eating a 2nd fruit would sometimes not kill the player
  • Fixed Hiso Hiso no Mi's Animal Friend ability not working with Kung Fu Dugongs or Yagara Bulls
  • Fixed a crash caused by Art of Weather's Lighting Ball
  • Fixed Logia Invulnerability being all over the place with what can and can't bypass it
  • Fixed Takt being able to pick up block from outside Room
  • Fixed a bug when abilities that teleport their user (such as Shi Shishi Sonson or Yata no Kagami) would be used with their owner in a boat, causing the teleportation to happen while also still being technically in the boat, letting players to unmount and teleport back to the boat's position
  • Fixed Chiyu Chiyu no Mi's passive (Tears) not activating when the watering can was held in the offhand
  • Fixed Beta Coating not sticking to walls anymore
  • Fixed Phoenix's passive not being bypassed by haki imbued bullets
  • Fixed damage over time effects (such as Doku Poison) not bypassing armor correctly
  • Fixed a bunch of abilities (most notably Gomu's Gears) getting softlocked when playing the mod in certain other languages other than english
  • Fixed an exploit for instantly depleting a player's haki overuse due to Future Sight missing its iframes
  • Fixed Jiki Jiki no Mi's gauge not showing the correct amount on servers
  • Fixed Jiki Jiki no Mi's Punk Cross ability going on cooldown when shot from too far away resulting in the possibility of infinite stuns
  • Fixed zoans not getting the red overlay when hit
  • Fixed Yomi Yomi no Mi's abnormally large skeleton size
  • Fixed Magu Magu no Mi users still spawning logia particles while they're in lava
  • Fixed Axolotl Heal granting incorrect buffs
  • Fixed Axolotl's Play Dead ability instantly cancelling itself and all other abilities in the hotbar


  • Fixed tamed animals not counting as friendly and being damaged (or killed) by abilities
  • Fixed the crews button not being accessible in multiplayer
  • Fixed guns not being enchanted by enchantment tables
  • Fixed melding and unbreaking return an error when trying to enchant a mod item using the /enchant command
  • Fixed a bunch of config comments
  • Fixed a bug where playing with both One Fruit per World and Keep Stats after Death (specifically the Devil Fruit part of it) enabled would result in the fruit being marked as "LOST" when players die even if they're never actually removed
  • Fixed the Haoshoku Haki Unlock Logic config option not correctly working with the COMBINED option
  • Fixed a config where using /removedf on a user with both Yami Yami no Mi and another fruit while One Fruit per World was enabled would not correctly set Yami Yami no Mi's status as LOST
  • Fixed the 3rd and 4th Art of Weather trials not counting the kills done by Thunderbolt Tempo and Thunderstorm Tempo
  • Fixed a bunch of typos in ability descriptions
  • Fixed some weird combat bar interactions with next/previous keybinds when the maximum number of bars allowed would be equal to that shown by the client
  • Fixed an issue where after lowering the number of ability bars allowed the abilities on the bars that are no longer in use would still remain equipped and essentially locked with no way of removing them
  • Fixed a bug where lightning abilities (such as El Thor or Sango) would still destroy block within ability protections


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