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Pixelmon adds many aspects of the Pokémon into Minecraft, including the Pokémon themselves, battling, trading, and breeding. Pixelmon also includes an assortment of new items, including prominent items like Poké Balls and TMs, new resources like bauxite ore and Apricorns, and new decorative blocks like chairs and clocks.


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Pixelmon 9.0.3


"The loot is on fire"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added NBT support to Pokémon item drops.
  • Removed all mail from Tier 1 Pokéchests.
  • Added Peat Block to Tier 2 drops.
  • Added Black Augurite to Tier 2 drops.
  • Removed type-Gems from Tier 2 loot and moved it to Tier 1.
  • Updated Hisuian Voltorb and Hisuian Electrode, now dropping Wooden Base and Ancient Pokéball parts.
  • Removed Mudsdale from spawning in villages.
  • Updated some Item ID typos on Large Leek, Fancy Apple, and Pungent Root in Forage.
  • Added Lakes to Water Stone Shard, Sugar Cane, Sand, Clay, and Light Clay under Forage.
  • Added Peony to Roofed Forest drops in Forage.
  • Updated Silver Base, Platinum Ingot and Silver Ingot sprites.
  • Added Bastion Bridge loot table.
  • Removed any empty chances on vanilla loot in Loot Tables and increased roll chances.
  • Reduced empty weight on Type Gems in loot tables.
  • Reduced empty weight on valuable treasures (Relics, Coin, etc) in loot Tables.
  • Updated Pokédrops to the new drop format system.
  • Disabled portal travel using Pokémon entities.


  • 17839 EV Pokémon yield permanently stacking for all players online.
  • Timespace Altar, Scroll of Water and Scroll of Darkness no longer crash players viewing it when broken.
  • 18078 Move Relearners not being able to teach moves.
  • 17512 Move and Transfer tutors not being able to teach moves.
  • 17839 EVs yields permanently stacking for all players online, occasionally causing a crash.
  • 18227 Held item evolutions attempts no longer crash the client if no held item is involved.
  • 18045 Yveltal no longer crashes the client due to invalid flying parameters.
  • 18142 Tumblestone crystals being un-hammerable past broken stage 1.
  • 17741 Fossil machines not rendering properly causing a duplication exploit.
  • 18053 Open wiki [K] hotkey unresponsiveness in-game.
  • 17651 Statues twitching when placed down.
  • 17925 Movesets from 1.12.2 Pokémon data now properly export into 1.16.5 data.
  • 17651 Statues sliding away when placed underwater after a relog.
  • 17646 Berry boats transforming into the Blue Berry Wood variety on reload.
  • Pokéballs showing in the Creative inventory when searching for den.
  • 17640 Partied Pokémon with abilities that boost spawns disabling spawning around the player.
  • 17771 Enchanted rubies being unavailable in Creative inventory.
  • Ruby Block, Sapphire Block, Amethyst Block and Crystal Block being breakable empty-handed.
  • 17961 17543 Transparency on Bridge Block, Berry Wood Door, Berry Wood Trapdoor and Galarica Cuff.
  • 17929 Berry Leaves and Apricorn Leaves flowering and fruiting when unattached to logs.
  • 17800 Pokéloot yielding the incorrect chest type when middle-clicked.
  • 18055 Pixelmon furniture and decoration blocks dropping in Creative mode, including PC, Cooking Pot, Infuser, Ranch Block, Fossil Machine, Fossil Cleaner, Trade Machine, Cloning Machine, Fridge, Fossil Display, Big TV, Clothed Table, Water Float (all colors), Vending Machine (all colors), Pokéball Rugs (all colors) and Couches (all colors).
  • Gigaton and Leaden party overlay Pokéball missing textures.
  • NPC Custom PlayerName textures not properly rendering and displaying as missing texture.
  • 18087 /givemoney command not properly updating a player's balance with negative amounts.
  • 18097 Emissive textures showing as missing for a select few Pokémon, namely Charizard, Butterfree, Vulpix, Arcanine, Poliwrath, Machamp, Kingler, Lapras, Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon and Dragonite.
  • Mispelled item IDs on Curry and Forage item configs.
  • Beehives creating endless amounts of bee-typed Pokémon if the beehive does not exist nearby.
  • Milcery not properly evolving into the corresponding form based on the sweets given.
  • 18148 Removed bossdrops.json, data is now moved to /bosstiers folder.
  • 17494 Temple stairs now display properly when placed and connected.
  • 17898 Pixelmon Grass' placed model now displays properly.
  • Petaya berry conditions in Forage to be Flowery.
  • 18091 Enamorus, Landorus, Thunderus and Tornadus now properly transform when exposed to a Reveal Glass.
  • 18211 Porygon now evolves when exposed to an Up-Grade.
  • 17659 Commented lines in files which prevented the loading of translation.
  • Nosepass biome evolution condition.
  • Client crash when viewing an NPC whose skin has been set to 'Custom Texturepack' with a player username.
  • 17634 Pixelmon-wood planks now can be used in native Minecraft recipes, like any other planks.
  • PC-received Pokédex'd Pokémon not saving to the party's Pokédex count.
Battle Fixes:
  • 17171 Pokémon not switching out from moves after being attacked by Pursuit.
  • Bolt Break and Fishious Rend not dealing double damage when a Pokémon is switched in.
  • 17313 Encore and Taunt now subtract the turn count on the statused Pokemon's turn.
  • Self-Destruct no longer displays the opponent's 'Attack Failed' message when they did not attack.
  • 17222 Abilities that modify types now properly work in double battles.
  • 17780 Gigantamaxed moves now properly register as G-Max moves.


  • Added Lithuanian translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Hebrew translation.
  • Updated Turkish translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.


  • Removed an extra / from sprite search, causing datapack sprites not to bake properly.
  • Rewrote Pokémon drop information to work with unlimited drops.


  • Cleaned up BreedingConditions class for friendlier usage.
  • Ensured all data in Evolution condition subclasses is accessible.
  • Added getters for all variables in Pokémon drop system.
  • Removed custom registry types for Log and Foliage Pixelmon blocks to prevent registry errors when logging into vanilla servers.
  • Added UnbreedableRequirement flag specification.
  • Fixed PlayerPartyStorage#setBalance improperly updating balances.
  • Added WormholeTeleportEvent.Pre and WormholeTeleportEvent.Post.
  • Added error logs to drops when drops are empty or non-standard specs.
  • Mdae PixelmonPalette#getAll static work properly.
  • Added PokemonBuilder.
  • Moved the Showdown exception to its corresponding API package.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Import/Export system now uses a custom registry, overwritten entirely.
  • Updated Import/Export screen to use packets and properly communicate to the server on Import/Export.
  • Fixed the ChatHandler broadcast method to properly send message to all players and not just console.
  • Updated broken or erroneous form constants.


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Jun 24, 2022 by Pixelmon

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